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How to Safely Go Back to the Gym

Young man spraying antibacterial solution on dumbbells in a fitness studio

  Well, we’ve rounded the corner of yet another year in the midst of this pandemic, and we’re probably just as confused as ever. Now, that’s no surprise, since for two years we’ve been bombarded with nothing but information, misinformation,


Training Tips for Your First Triathlon

Studio SWEAT onDemand Founder Cat Kom Running in a Triathlon.

  Of all the athletic competitions out there, nothing quite holds the prestige like the famed triathlon. The pure ferocity, the brutal simplicity, the sheer not-over-yet of it all keeps amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts signing up and sweating it


The Perfect Push-Pull Workout, Part 2: Lower Body

Young fit woman performing Romanian Deadlift with a barbell in her hands.

  And in our second edition of the ultimate push-pull workout routine, we’re headed south of the border — we’re talking lower body love. This lower body push-pull routine is an excellent and efficient way to get those galloping glutes,


Healthy Gifts for Your Fit Valentine

Picture of fitness gifts for Valentine’s Day, including red weights, shoes and a fitness pass.

  Love is in the air… the birds are chirping, the sun’s shining, and mini-violins are playing all around us — ok not really, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! And with it comes those lavish dinners, bubbly


Fitness Trends to Watch (And Try) in 2022

Fit young bearded man, wearing headphones and working out at home with his laptop.

As we enter the new year filled with cautious optimism and careful excitement, it’s important to reflect on what has been and what is yet to come — especially in the fitness world. After all, you’d be hard-pressed to find


Exercising After COVID: When, How, Who, What

Closeup image of woman checking her phone at the gym, with a mask in hand

  So… it happened. After almost two years of fear, dread, masking, sheltering, double-masking, and scrubbing pears over the kitchen sink — you got COVID-19. First off, we’re sorry to hear that. If you’ve got comorbidities, are older than 65,


Countdown to Christmas – Workout Style

countdown to christmas thumbnail

  🎵 On the 13th day of December, SS gave to me….a workout to try and kill theeeeee* 🎵 We’ve got your Count-down to Christmas workout (12 days until Christmas, 12 moves to conquer, 12 Reps to bust out), and