Cat Kom’s Daily Diet & Weekly Workout Schedule

The Beverly Hills Diet? Pass. Raw Food Diet? Hard pass. The Master Cleanse? Hilarious.

Learn a little bit about the eating habits of one of your favorite celebrity trainers, Cat Kom. She debunks every esoteric and crazy eating regime by sticking to a consistent and manageable diet comprised of proteins, veggies, fruits and other carbs and even donuts!

While it’s no brainer that exercise and diet are great for your well-being and waistline, Cat’s eating habits, as well as fitness schedule, aren’t as outrageous as many of her fans would think! When it comes to exercising, Cat doesn’t workout any more than most of you! She teaches on average four classes per week, personal trains a day or 2, workouts on her own a day or 2, and stays physical with family always.

Although some might think that Cat’s fitness schedule would allow her to feast on pizza and hot dogs all day, that’s surely not true. She says the most important thing to her is getting in the things she should be consuming to stay healthy and fit, without completely denying herself some things that are maybe not critical to a healthy diet. So in general focusing more on what TO eat, as opposed to what NOT to eat. She’s also not a fan of cleaning her plate if she’s full. Connect that mind and body and only eat it all if you’re still stomach says it needs more!

Because mornings are always better with a yummy and filling breakfast Cat usually starts off her day with an ½ and english muffin, fruit with greek yogurt and/or egg whites.

She never forgets to pack a snack to refuel her body after her workouts. Her go to is an apple with almonds, but she’ll also reach for other post-workout snacks like protein shakes, string cheese or a hard boiled egg or 2.

For lunch she’ll generally have a smaller lunch like half a meaty sandwich on wheat with a spinach salad, or a chicken, black bean and bell pepper bowl. Spinach is rich in water-soluble vitamins and minerals so Cat tries to incorporate spinach in many meals and enjoy a variety of nutritional benefits. Then generally she’ll go far late afternoon coffee with a handful of nuts to keep her satisfied until dinner. And if dinner’s going to be late because soccer practice is late that day, then she’ll add to that for sure.

Dinner is pretty standard with a protein, like chicken, lean beef or fish, with veggies and a grain like brown rice, or, yes, a wheat roll.

For the most part, Cat eats like a nutritionist, but has her days when she’s feeling more adventurous and risque. On Sundays, Cat doesn’t hesitate to grab her biggest indulgence, a donut, as a treat and reward for surviving the week. And yes, wine is in her diet! Not a ton, but generally a glass while prepping dinner.

To sum it up, Cat keeps her body in tip-top shape by consistency with her nutrition, mostly only eating when she’s hungry, and by sticking to her fitness schedule, while at the same time not stressing out when she misses a day of spin or on occasion, or succumbs to her sweet tooth. While promoting clean eating, she manages to stay realistic and embraces the combination between healthy and convenient.

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