Best TRX Exercise to Tone the Butt & Build the Glutes

It might not be what you think!

Many of us, ladies especially, are looking to build and firm up our glutes, so Cat Kom is here to share her favorite TRX exercise to tighten and tone that booty. When we’re talking TRX, the first exercise that probably comes to many TReXperts’ minds for toning that tushy is a hip bridge. But while Cat agrees the hip bridge is a good one, in her experience the absolute best TRX exercise to build the glutes is the TRX suspended lunge, but with one slight modification.

Cat calls the modification aBottom Up” Suspended Lunge. Let’s break this one down for you.

Set up:

You’ll be suspending one foot in both cradles, so first make sure the cradles are small enough for your shoe. Too loose and you’ll probably faceplant. Hint: Some straps have adjustable cradles, but if yours don’t, you can twist the cradle a few times to get it tighter.

Now the move:

Typically, TRX exercises have a specific start and end point. In a traditional TRX lunge, you’d start with your suspended knee up and forward. Not so for the “Bottom Up.” 

  • With your plant foot under your anchor point, place your suspended leg back in a reverse lunge position, with your knee down on the ground. This is the starting point.
  • Lunge up, placing your hands lightly on the quad of your plant foot. Your hands are just for stability, and shouldn’t press on your knee at all.
  • Repeat all the way back to the knee down on the ground.

Why bottom up?

With a suspended lunge, you’re more likely to get your knee super close to the ground (where we want it) if you start with it all the way down. In a traditional lunge, we often see the leg reaching way back, but the knee not going down to the ground. You need that full range of motion to get the full impact for your bum.

Even if your DNA doesn’t give you a leg up toward a strong, solid booty, give the TRX Bottom Up Suspended Lunge a try for some great results. And for lots of workouts that will keep you tight and toned, check out our library with a Free Trial over on Studio SWEAT onDemand! Download the app, or if you happen to live in southern California, visit us in our San Diego studio.