Spice Up Your Life: Supplements for Every Fitness Goal

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Ok, so you’ve found a fitness routine that you can stick with, and in an attempt to hit your goals a bit faster, you’ve decided to up those numbers. So, every day you’re rowing the equivalent of the English Channel, climbing enough stairs to go up and down Willis Tower (it’ll always be Sears to us, BTW), and squatting until your undercarriage begins setting off your smoke alarm. Those results should be coming in no time, right? Right? RIGHT???

Well, maybe. 

Maybe you do start hitting those milestones, only to plateau for a month (or six). Maybe you work even harder, and end up twisting/ripping/pulling/breaking something that’ll put you out of commission for a while. Or, maybe all that motivation you once had begins to wane, and you find yourself couch-bound. 

The fact is, maybe your problem is that you’re working hard enough, but just not smart enough. If you want to take your workouts to the next level, it’s probably time to start supplementing them. And to help you, we’re giving you a list of the best supplements you can take, based on your specific goals. 

Weight Loss

Any list of the best supplements for weight loss should start with Green Coffee Bean Extract, which contains the powerful antioxidant chlorogenic acid. This chemical helps promote weight loss by reducing fat and glucose absorption in the gut, as well as lowering insulin levels and boosting metabolism. You can also try Green Tea Extract which contains catechins, a substance that can also raise metabolic function and increase fat burning, which has been shown to help users burn up to 100 calories per day, for doing nothing! 

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Muscle Building

The best supplements that promote muscle growth are always going to start with protein. And quite possibly the best source is Whey Protein, because of its endless list of quickly absorbed amino acids. And since the bodybuilding industry has known this for decades, you can find tons of brands offering Whey in all sorts of yummy flavors. Then you have Creatine, which is a naturally occurring protein found in the body that increases the volume of muscle cells during your short-term pump, but also primes your muscles for growth over the long-term. Another wonderful supplement for building muscle is the well-known secret that is Beta-Alanine. This powerhouse amino acid actually works with other amino acids in your system to regulate the acid levels in your muscles, helping you avoid cramps and fatigue. 

Energy Boosting

Are you looking for that swift kick to your tushy to keep from feeling mushy? One of our favorite energy-boosting workout supplements is Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Normally found in many protein-rich food sources, BCAAs help block the sleep-inducing tryptophan from entering your system, keeping you awake, aware, and on fire. Another superb supplement for energy is vitamin B12. This absolutely essential vitamin is found mostly in cheese, shellfish, eggs, and poultry (so it’s kind of a must for vegans and vegetarians anyway), and is one of the fundamental ingredients to a turned-on system. But we’re warning you, take your B12 supplement before the afternoon comes around, or you might just be up half the night. 


Are you getting ready to run a marathon and need some special juju to give you some extended endurance? Before you grab the jelly donuts, try some of these endurance-boosting supplements. First, L-Glutamine is a great training companion, because it helps to prevent soreness in your muscles over long periods of exertion. Fish Oil is another terrific all-around supplement that features anti-inflammatory properties to help keep away the creaks, plus it helps boost muscle recovery after your workout is done. 

Recovery from Injury

Trying to overcome those boo-boo-blues? You’re gonna need some injury healing supplements like Tumeric, which research has shown to reduce inflammation, repair damaged nerves after injury, and improve joint stiffness. Grape Seed Extract is also a tried-and-true favorite for decreasing the effects of overtraining, and reducing inflammation in damaged tissue. 

Well there you go, supplemental newby. We hope our list of the best supplements helps you break on through to the other side of fitness nirvana, so you can get those real results you’ve been looking (and training) for. And if you’re ready for a boost on the physical side, check out a 7-Day Free Trial with Studio SWEAT onDemand. We offer tons and tons of virtual workouts for any goal, skill level, or body type — ranging from indoor cycling to yoga, Pilates to kickboxing, TRX to HIIT — it’s no wonder we were named ‘Best Fitness App for Variety’! Try us out today – just remember to supplement-up, first!

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