Spinning for Beginners

The Best Online Spin Routines to Get You Started


If you’re new to the world of indoor cycling, an online Spin class for beginners may be the key to starting off on the right foot, so to speak. Spin is so simple and effective, but if you want get the moves, lingo, and exercises down pat, it might be good to get some practice at home. You can also learn a lot by clicking here to watch the best video for beginners new to Spinning through Studio SWEAT onDemand.

With an online Spin class, you can pause, rewind, and play again until you know your favorite Spin bike exercises like the back of your hand. With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the best drills to get you started.

It’s a Stretch

Stretching is an absolute must before and after every workout. A quick stretching session can be the difference between aching and feeling awesome after your ride. Before hopping on the bike do a few dynamic stretches, where you actively move in ways to bring forth a stretch but are not held in the end position. Then after practice static stretching, where you hold your stretches for 30 to 60 seconds.

Here’s a great starter stretch: the Standing Rolldown, a simple series of moves that loosens your back and your legs. To do a standing rolldown, stand up with your legs hip distance apart. Then slowly fold your upper body forward, with your head hanging heavy and your hands trying to touch the ground (it’s okay if you can’t!) then slowly roll yourself right back up.

Warm Up Act

There’s nothing we love more than enthusiastic Spinners, but even the most experienced riders know that you have to ease yourself into every workout. Instead of hitting the ground Spinning, try this warmup before every session:

  • With light resistance, start pedaling at about 85 RPMs.
  • Gradually increase 5-10 RPM every 30 seconds
  • Do this for 2 minutes, then…
  • Increase resistance by about 25% and drop back to about 85 RPMs for another 30 seconds
  • Turn it up by another 25% and keep your cadence for another 30 seconds
  • Do another 25% for another 30 seconds
  • Pedal easy for a minute or two until your workout begins

After that, you can move onto a more intense workout! Just keep in mind that most online Spin Classes for beginners will have a quick warmup before they get started.
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Total Tabata

Don’t let the simplicity of this workout fool you—Tabata Spin bike exercises are designed to torch calories in the shortest amount of time. Here’s how you can do one round with this HIIT-inspired workout:

  • Do a quick warm up
  • Begin your first interval: pedal for 20 seconds at your highest resistance at around 95-110 RPM
  • Recover by slowly pedaling for 10 seconds
  • Repeat 7 times for a total of 8 rounds
  • Take a rest period for 1 minute by pedaling slowly

And yes, we did say this is ONE round. You know what your body is capable of at this moment, so don’t push yourself to do more than two rounds until you’ve slowly worked your way up.

Be the King of the Hill

Ready to stand up for Spin? Hill exercises are a great way to push your legs to the limits and get your whole body moving. Plus, they’ll get your butt off the seat, which is a classic move in any Spinning class for Beginners.

Here’s one stand-up exercise that’ll intensify your leg workout:

  • Do a quick warmup
  • Ride at 60% resistance for 5 minutes at around 90 RPM
  • In the first 5-minute incline, bump it up to 70% resistance at around 70 RPM
  • Increase resistance to 80% and stand up so that your butt bumps on the seat every now and then. Do this at around 60 RPM for 5 minutes
  • Take a quick rest by pedaling easy for 30 seconds
  • Repeat one or more times

Now, you’re ready for whatever your online class throws your way. Of course, at Studio SWEAT onDemand, we care about making Spin as accessible as possible. If you’re looking for simple, easy-to-follow online Spin classes, Barre classes, kettlebell classes, Pilates, and so much more, check out our 7-Day Free Trial. We’ve offer an in-studio experience you can play on your TV, PC, mobile, or tablet whenever you want. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get your sweat on!