An Update on the Unstoppable Monica!

If Multiple Sclerosis and Covid don’t stop her… well, nothing can!

When we at Studio SWEAT think of the word “unstoppable,” we immediately think of SSoD Trainer Monica. Today, she’s joining Cat Kom to talk a little about her experience living with Multiple Sclerosis. 

How and when? 

Monica used to love running but was noticing her feet were clicking together, which she thought could be a pinched nerve. Even on an elliptical, she couldn’t keep her feet where they belonged. After visiting a neurologist, in 2012, she was diagnosed with MS. 

Lucky for Monica, who loves working out to a rhythm, and loves pushing hard and fast, she found Spinning. Whether in running shoes in the cages or clipped, her feet stayed where they belonged and she no longer had the stability issues of running, but still could get that refreshing workout in. 

What changed after the diagnosis?

Monica was secretive about her disability for about three years, butmonica pic eventually learned how to talk about it. She went to a lot of classes and support groups that helped her figure out how to adjust. 

Not surprising, there are some days that are harder than others, but Cat loves how Monica always has a positive outlook, adapts, and doesn’t act like a victim. In her SSoD classes, she shares her joyful positivity and even some ways to adapt your workout routine if you have limitations or disabilities. 

What are the regular struggles?

Balance is a common issue for Monica. In fact, when she does rock that hard-core ride, she usually stays on the bike for a while longer than most to get her heart rate back down to support her balance back on the ground. 

Cold weather (and extreme heat) is a problem, so luckily we don’t see that too often in San Diego. She’s also got a small problem with numbness in her feet. 

The MS educational classes she took really helped her appreciate what our bodies are able to do.

monica and family

Any recent news?

During “lockdown,” both Monica and her husband contracted COVID, and for Monica, it was a rough couple of weeks. While her COVID symptoms were flu-like (like many), her MS symptoms flared up much more than normal. We’re all happy that she’s back and ready to ride!

While Monica could gush on and on about how supportive the SSoD community is to her and to others, we can easily say that she is an inspiration to all of us! 

And for inspiring, body-sculpting, fat-torching workouts, including some ‘add to faves’ led by Monica, check out Studio SWEAT onDemand!


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Here's what people said about “An Update on the Unstoppable Monica!”


I too have MS and it’s so good to see someone like you Monica, staying positive and not letting it get the better of you. Staying fit is such a huge part of staying healthy and just coming towards the end of lockdown 3 in England I can honestly say Studio Sweat has kept me sane for the last year! Thank you!

Thank you Monica for sharing your story on line, when I did your spin the other day I could relate to what you were saying about the running because I can’t run anymore either due to knee and back disc issues. I have been spinning for the last 8 years twice a week and love the alternative. You are truely an inspiration!

User Photo 32969

Thank you so much everyone….like everyone we have hard days and hard times that only a good support system can get you out of and you did that for me today!

I’ve loved Monica since class #1 with her! I really wish there were more Monica classes online! She’s an incredible inspiration to everywhere….. I know we’re not supposed to have favourites but don’t tell the others, she’s mine!

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Monica is such a bright spark. On those days when I’m grumbly about just the added little aches and stiffness that come with aging and the beginnings of some osteoarthritis, I am inspired by stories like Monica’s to remember all the things I DO still get to enjoy doing at my age. I allow those little twinges to remind me to modify when necessary but never to give up an quit. Monica, your kids are adorbs, and I’m sure you’re inspiring them, too, with your resilient example. <3

I admire Monica and her positive outlook. So glad she came through covid OK. That must have been very scary.

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Thank you for sharing your challenges and successes with us Monica! You always motivate me to try harder but also to listen to my body when it needs less. And, most importantly, to be grateful for my blessings every day.