SSoD Update

a letter from Cat Kom
As we’re all getting used to this new hunkered-in-the-bunker kind of life (who am I kidding, it’s still weird!), it’s more important than ever to keep our minds and bodies healthy. I know we’re all taking the proper precautions as we’ve been recommended, but I wanna give y’all some personal advice, to help us all weather this pretty cloudy storm. 

  1. Keep Moving: Listen, I’m all for getting in some much-deserved rest, but let’s not go crazy stuck at home. Make sure to move around as much as possible, to keep your energy, attitude, and immune system all elevated. 
  2. Be Supportive: Right about now, we could all use a shoulder to lean on. Reach out to all the special people in your life, and give them as much love and support as you can.
  3. Keep Sweating: Be sure to get down with all of our bonus Facebook live streams, with our sweet trainers sharing some awesome at-home workouts. (You can find them by downloading our app or going to
  4. Share the Sweat: If you know anyone who could use the benefit of fitness at home, let them know about Studio SWEAT onDemand. 
  5. Get Outside: This one’s important – try and get as much fresh air as you can. It’s so refreshing for the mind, body, and soul. But you have to follow CDC, state and federal guidelines: so if you can go for a walk, do that; if you have to stay home, enjoy your backyard.
  6. Smile: You gotta remember, attitude is indeed everything. And no matter how windy this storm gets, we’re gonna get through this, together.

Chins up buttercups!


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Thanks for the encouragement Cat!! I’m so grateful for SSoD! You, the trainers and Komrades have kept me motivated but most of all sane in this crisis.

I am so grateful for Studio Sweat on Demand. I started doing your spin workouts myself on one of the 2 spin bikes my gym had left when they moved all of their bikes to another facility because they were remodeling.
No one ever dreamed this Covid -19 virus nightmare would have happened. Since then I purchased my own bike on line and have been cycling at home. I got the on demand all access pass and now I can do any workout I want from my home gym in my basement. Thank you for all you do. You are truly helping people stay fit, healthy, and active both physically and mentally during this horrible time.

Thanks for the encouragement, Cat! It’s been great to be able to continue regular Studio Sweat workouts during this period of so much other change. Never have I been more grateful to have home workouts than now, with all gyms in Virginia closed. Stay healthy!