7 Things You’re Probably Not Doing Right in Spin Class

The odds are good that you’re doing at least one, if not all, of these things!

Even veteran athletes develop bad habits, and we bet you’re probably doing some things wrong when you’re on that Spin bike. Hey, not everyone does this all wrong, but there’s a good chance you might be, every now and then (we’re looking at you, white knuckles!). Cat Kom is joined by her “model” Tina with some tips to make the most out of those cycling workouts.

So what are the most common mistakes & how to fix them?

Mistake 1: Bike set up.
Solution: This is such a long AND important topic, that it warrants its own blog post which you can find here. Take a look, and even refresh your setup now and then. 

Mistake 2: Sitting too far forward.
Solution: When you’re seated, your bum should be shifted to the back of the saddle, even a little off the back. If you move too far forward, you’ll round your back, causing tightening in your back and shoulders.

Mistake 3: Dropping your head.
Solution: Cat sees this a lot in studio classes, and she doesn’t want you ending up with a sore neck and back, so you might hear her yell “chin up, buttercup!” as a reminder. Keep your eyes forward, looking at the “road” about 6-8 feet in front of you.

Mistake 4: Gripping the handlebars too tight.
Solution: Handlebars are for balance, not choking. So keep a baby bird grip, not white knuckles. Need a physical reminder? Try wiggling your fingers in time with the music.

Mistake 5: Not enough resistance.
Solution: Say it with us – “Resistance over speed.” If you’ve got a wobbly body or hips, add resistance, at least enough to keep your hips balanced and in control. This is especially important when standing. If you have to pick between speed and resistance, always pick resistance. Otherwise, you’re not strengthening your legs, and are just spinning your wheels.

Mistake 6: Weight is too far forward when standing. (This is especially common with guys.)
Solution: If you’re too far forward, it’s bad for your knees, and you’re probably not activating the right muscles in your pedal stroke. So keep your weight shifted back at least over the front of the saddle. You should feel a little tap on your bum with each downward pedal stroke. 

Mistake 7: Wrong clothing.
Solution: We like tight/fitted pants (¾ to full length). Loose pants can get caught in the flywheel. If you’re wearing athletic shorts, try not to wear super baggy long ones, and maybe even wear fitted shorts under them. You can also try padded cycling shorts, although we don’t see them too often in indoor cycling classes. Gals, wear a supportive sports bra to keep contained during in and out of the saddle drills. Opt for looser fitting tops or performance fabric to keep cool and keep sweat off your skin.

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