4 of the Easiest Ways to Set Up Your TRX Straps at Home

It’s way more simple than you might think!!

Cat Kom and Brian LOVE their TRX workouts at home. But Cat hears a lot of people say, “Aw, I don’t have room for TRX.” Nah, we bet you do. Cat and Brian are here to share 4 ways you can set up your straps (hint: you could even do a couple of these on the go!).

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4 Ways to set up TRX Straps:

  1. X-Mount. If you have a spot, use an X-Mount bracket mounted to the ceiling with an extender loop. You can also put an X-Mount on a side wall – aim for 6-9 feet off the floor.
  2. Door Anchor. The at-home TRX kit comes with a door anchor (or you can purchase one separately). Put the mount over the door & close the door tightly. Make sure you put the straps on the side opposite the way the door opens so you don’t fall down!
  3. TRX Extender Loop & something solid. Use a bar or something very solid with a lot of weight to it (Brian attaches his to a bar on his weight machine). You’ll want something about 6-9 feet high. Make sure to attach the TRX straps through both loops so it doesn’t unwind and send you to the floor.
  4. A Sturdy Tree or Post. At about 7 feet high, loop the extender loop around the tree. Put the larger loop through the smaller loop to secure it. Sinch it really tight and lock in the TRX straps.

With those great tips, we’re sure you will find one that works for you at home or on the go. And for more body sculpting, fat torching TRX workouts, check out a Free Trial over on Studio SWEAT onDemand! Download the app, or if you happen to live in southern California, visit us in our San Diego studio.