New Trainer Samantha Launches Pilates Reformer Class!

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Here at Studio SWEAT onDemand, we’re beyond proud to work with our stellar team of trainers. These go-gettin’ guys and gals are the fuel to our fire, the pep in our step, and the steam engine to our freight train. This passionate group of instructors gives our members the oomph to smash through their fitness goals, and the attitude to do it with smiles on their faces. So we’re double-thrilled to announce the latest addition to our crazy cabal of fit-fanatics. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Samantha! 

A Lifetime in Movement 

Samantha has been obsessed with movement and fitness since she was little. She started dancing at 3 years old, and hasn’t stopped moving since! As a fitness trainer, she specializes in barre method, TRX, and HIIT, among many others, and describes her teaching technique as creative and athletic.

A Passion for Pilates

Along her fitness journey, Sam discovered an unbridled passion for the Pilates method. The crushing core workouts, the balance and flexibility, and the total-body blast that is Pilates led her to want to share her love with the world. Samantha prefers teaching progressive Pilates, a higher-level style that’s both faster and more rigorous, allowing for more control and flow during the workout. 

Launching Pilates Reformer

Samantha recently launched a premiere workout to the Studio SWEAT onDemand ranks — Pilates Reformer! Pilates Reformer takes traditional Pilates techniques, usually based on a mat, and revs them up through the Reformer machine — a specialized spring-loaded contraption that targets muscle groups specifically, giving a more intense, more dynamic workout. Think of it this way — if traditional Pilates is Rocky, Reformer is Ivan Drago (yeah we know Rocky still won in the end, but you get the picture). 

The Pilates Reformer machine, designed by Joseph Pilates himself, was originally developed to increase a participant’s strength for certain Pilates movements, but it was quickly adopted as a stand-alone piece of equipment. Reformer increases the variety of workouts you can do, giving you a total-body experience, as opposed to focusing mostly on the core. Because of the springs built into the machine, Reformer can be modified to suit anyone’s fitness level. Pilates Reformer has tons of uses, including athletic cross-training and physical rehabilitation. 

Reformer Pilates is great for increasing mobility, improving balance and posture, and strengthening the smaller muscles that need love too! Samantha is bringing this specialized fitness experience to Studio SWEAT onDemand, and we couldn’t be happier to have her! If you want to learn more about Samantha, you can follow her on Instagram

See you in class Sam!