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Dance your way into that swimsuit, skinny shorts or favorite gym outfit.

Feel the rhythm and have fun!


Program Rate:  $13.99

*Includes a 45 Day All Acess Pass to be able to stream all SSoD workouts, as well as your Dance Fever Program Content!


SSoD All Access Pass Holders – ONLY $3.99
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To learn more about the DanceFever3D Program, including the detailed training plan,

click here to check out these DanceFever3D Training Plan & Info !


What You Get When You Sign-Up

* 4 Different Dance Fever 3D Workouts *
that’s a new workout each week!
* Diet & Motivational Tips *
* Two Weight Training Workouts you can add to your Cardio *



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Check out a Behind the Scenes chat with Fever and Cat Kom about Fever and the Program