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What does the Challenge Include?

4 Different Dance Fever 3D Workouts (that’s a new workout each week!) 4 Handouts (pdfs) with Diet Secrets & Motivational Tips, 2 Weight Training Workouts you can add to your Cardio, and choreography notes.

BONUS: One lucky Challenge Participant will get to jump on stage with Dance Fever 3D at The Fit Expo San Jose or San Diego.  Rules:  Winner will be drawn from the total list of challenge participants on August 1st and emailed.  Will include (2) weekend tickets to a So Cal event that Dance Fever is presenting at… you get to be on stage!

When does it begin and end?

Get started on June 21st or shortly thereafter.  The Studio SWEAT on Demand All Access Pass and the Dance Fever 3D workouts will be available to until July 31st.

How will I know if my fitness level improves?

Each week the pdf will prompt you to test your fitness with a 1 minute push up test and a 2 minute squat test.  Easy as it sounds… set your timer for 1 minute and do as many push ups as you can with good form and proper breathing.  Then set your timer for 2 minutes and do as many proper squats as you can.  Keep track and compare week after week.

How often should I do the workouts?

Dance Fever 3D recommends you do the dance fitness workout 2-3 times per week and also add in strength or flexibility 1-2 times per week (maybe follow his strength or calisthenics plan or pick another workout from SSoD’s library).

Are there any safety concerns?

You should always be in good health or consult your physician before beginning an exercise program.  Also, consider the flooring and space where you are working out.  Move any objects that can get in your way as you move your muscles.  Finally, proper athletic or dance footwear and hydration are also important.  The SSoD Vlog has lots of great info on both!

More Questions?