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Pilates 5 Ab Series

About Cat: Cat Kom is an adrenaline junkie and is the founder of Studio SWEAT onDemand, where you can get the most amazing, body sculpting virtual workouts that you can take from the comfort of your own home.  Check it


Steps to Progress to a Full Sit-Up. How to Strengthen Your Core!

In this video, Cat Kom, Bethany, and Briauna answer the question of how to work your way up to a full sit up. They demonstrate the exercises that you could do to eventually progress to a sit-up, while at the

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3 Easy Steps to Avoid Getting Sun Damage

Protecting Your Skin is Part of Good Health When the summer sun hits, it’s time to start upping your sun protection game. Studio SWEAT onDemand & Soul Spot Sunscreen are here to help you avoid the pain and panic that

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Ideas on How to Get Back on Track When You Fall Off. Starting Over / Staying Committed.

The frustration of an unused gym membership and other constant reminders of failed New Year’s resolutions may hinder your motivation in the later months of 2017. Sometimes all you need is a reminder, and Cat and Aleena are here to

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2 Min TRX Trainer Tip Series- Tip 5 Learn How & Why to Change How You Stand

In the 4th trainer tip in this series, we covered how to change your body angle (aka vector) to increase or decrease the intensity of a TRX exercise, but there’s another really important means to make a TRX exercise work

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2 Min TRX Trainer Tip Series – Tip 4 Can Anyone Do TRX Workouts? Yes, Learn How & Why!

TRX exercises can look intimidating, but YOU CAN DO THEM. That’s one of the things I love most about TRX; everyone can do it, and you just need to know how. What we’ll show is that you can change the

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2 Min TRX® Trainer Tip Series – Tip 3 How to Easily Get Your Feet into TRX® Straps?

We know that sometimes it seems like a total pain to get in and out of those TRX straps, especially when you’re doing core exercises, but we promise it’s quick and easy when you know how. In this video we’ll

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2 Min TRX® Trainer Tip Series – Tip 2 Which Direction do I Face for TRX® Exercises?

When TRX® was first educating the masses they, had a number system for different body positions used with TRX® Training. It was hard for trainers to remember, much less the lay person. But good news, now there is a more

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Learn how to adjust your TRX Straps to different lengths quickly and correctly. Also learn why that’s important to know for TRX workouts.

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How to Work your way up to a Push-Up from the Toes. Push-up Progressions Broken Down.

Studio SWEAT Professional Trainers Cat Kom and Halima show you ways to progress in the pushup. You CAN do a push-up from your toes (military push-ups). Here’s how to get there! Master Each of these moves before moving onto the

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Form while on your Spinning Bike Reminder & 2017 Hell Week Winners Announced!

Studio SWEAT and SSoD Founder Cat Kom joins forces with the popular Studio SWEAT Trainer, Mere W, to give a couple useful tips on riding right! They also announce the raffle winners for Hell Week 2017! All who successfully finished

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What is the No Sugar Diet? Is it Good for You? Miriam will break it down!

When you hear people talk about the “No Sugar Diet”, remember that what they really mean, in most cases, is the “No ADDED Sugar Diet”. Natural sugars, like those you find in fruit and dairy for example, are a thumbs

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Sage New Year Goal Setting Advice for 2017 with Cat Kom & Master Mike

Cat Kom and Mike talk about going into the New Year of 2017. As Mike shares his own personal New Year’s resolutions, Cat Kom and Mike give tips on making your own New Year’s resolutions, regarding nutrition and exercise specifically.

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Is the Plank the Best Ab Exercise?

The PERFECT PLANK is well known as one of the best ab & core exercises out there, if, keyword if it’s done properly. Here’s the problem though, most people don’t do it right. If it’s done well you’re strengthening every

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Learn about the upcoming Studio SWEAT Motivational Challenges & Drive to 25 Winners!

Cat and Mere talk about upcoming Studio SWEAT and Studio SWEAT onDemand challenges, and the winners of the “Drive to 25” challenge! Hell Week Challenge: 1st week of January (2-8) -6 Workouts total, 5 Days of working out in the

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3 Simple Tips to Improve Your Lunges

One of the things we do a lot in our Studio SWEAT workouts are lunges. Cat Kom and Bethany share 3 tips to help you perfect your lunge! Tip #1: Weight in your heel as you step. Tip #2: Flat

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6 Reasons to Use a Heart Rate Belt for Your Workouts

Whether you’re in the studio, working out at home, or on the run (literally), heart rate training is a great way to better your workouts and improve your fitness level. Cat talked to Studio SWEAT client Kate about what happened

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Why am I gaining weight?!? Could I have a thyroid problem? Learn AJ’s story.

Cat Kom, Bethany, and AJ talk about how thyroid issues can affect your health and offer encouragement and tips.

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Take a rest day to make fitness gains! Is a rest day important? Let’s talk about it!

Cat Kom and Mere W. talk about the importance of rest and recovery. Here are a few great SSoD recovery workouts:

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Best exercises to improve posture. How to fix bad posture.

Bethany and AJ talk about exercises that could help improve your posture!

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