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Best Exercises for Skiers and Snowboarders vlog

Best Exercises for Skiers and Snowboarders to Dominate the Slopes This Year!

Keepin’ it strong on the slopes. Calling all skiers and snowboarders. You asked, we’re answering! Check out this week’s Trainer Tip video for the best exercises you can do in preparation for the slopes this season. Upper body, lower body, and core,

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Best Strength Training Exercises for Spinning®? Becoming a Stronger Cyclist.

Best Strength Training Exercises for Spinning? Becoming a Stronger Cyclist.

We get asked all… the… time what you can do to make yourself a stronger Spinner, so we decided we’d answer you! In this week’s vlog, Cat Kom and AJ from Studio SWEAT onDemand walk you through a few simple,

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Improving Your Core Strength with TRX Exercises!

Cat Kom, founder of Studio SWEAT onDemand, gives tips and advice on core strengthening exercises using TRX straps! She also covers how to improve your ability to do several challenging, but core carving, TRX exercises. For example, the TRX pike

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Core Exercises for women, with Cat Kom!

Studio SWEAT onDemand founder, Cat Kom, takes us through some of the best core strengthening exercises for women looking to get their toned abs and strong cores back postpartum – even if your youngest is now 13. It’s never too

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What are the Most important Stretches After a Spinning Class? Important Post Cycle Stretches.

Chances are you have, at some point, frantically rushed out of a Spin® class before the last song, ready to move on with your day and get to the next thing. Here’s the thing though… while Spinning® is great for building muscle,

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What is the BEST workout to do?!?

Cat Kom and Bethany from Studio SWEAT have laid out tons of awesome, fat torching workouts aimed at maximum fitness gains in the past, but in this video, they establish what the actual best workout is. Is it running? Yoga?

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Flat Cat’s Journey Around The World!

Flat Cat – a life-size cardboard cutout of Cat Kom – made a journey to your fellow Studio SWEAT onDemanders around the world! Check out some cool stats below, and enjoy the video of her adventure! ·Flat Cat left in

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Should I Eat Before I Workout? What should I eat before exercising? How long before my workout should I eat?

Although many are under the impression that exercising on an empty stomach will help you burn more fat, Cat Kom and Bethany from Studio SWEAT onDemand are here to tackle the debate and dismantle the myths that have been circulating

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What is the REAL skinny on Cleanses? Do CLEANS or CLEANSES Work? Ask Miriam!

Cleanses seem to be all the rage… especially in Southern California! Celebrities and Instagram influencers are constantly touting the benefits of the so called “Master Cleanse”, but does it truly assist your body with detoxification and make you feel healthier

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HIIT, Tabata, and Interval Training – What’s the difference?

For years you’ve been hearing about how Interval Training burns more calories than endurance training, which is debatable and a topic for another article, but in this article and associated vlog, what I do want to help you understand are

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Does Spinning cause Rhabdomyolysis (Rhabdo)? What is it? What are the symptoms and how do you recover?

Numerous factors contribute to rhabdomyolysis, commonly defined as the rapid destruction of skeletal muscle which releases muscle enzymes from inside the muscle cells. Although there are various causes and factors of the condition, as of late an article has surfaced

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Best Nutrition Tips for Menopause with Expert R.D. Miriam Turner

Good news! Menopause does not have to equal weight gain or massive discomfort. Cat Kom and Registered Dietitian, Miriam, give you the skinny on how changes in your diet can alleviate all the “joys” of this challenging transition. When undergoing

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The Best Exercises and Workouts During Menopause

Cat Kom and Bethany are back and are encouraging all women who are preparing or are currently undergoing menopause to put those sneakers on! In this vlog, they provide their audience with some key tips on hormonal happiness during menopause.

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10 Tips on Staying Fit Through Menopause – What to Expect & How to Cope.

*Correction: Where Cat says “apple will become more pear shaped”, she meant to say “pear will become more apple shaped”. Although many sail through it, Cat Kom and Bethany are here to prepare you for the inevitable life change with

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Should you mix up your workouts to lose weight & tone up? Bethany & Mere W’s weekly workout routine!

Is mixing up my Spinning routine enough to lose weight or tone up? Trainers Bethany and Mere W list out their weekly class schedules at the studio and what they do to stay active from home on their days off.

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Studio SWEAT & SSoD “Motivate to Memorial Challenge” Winners Announced!

Last month we got summer sexy with this awesome fitness & nutrition challenge. You were all winners, but we had to pick 3 from San Diego and 3 from around the World. Find out if you’re one of them!

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Proper Foot Position on the Bike is So Important – Why are my feet falling asleep when Spinning?

One of the most common mistakes made when it comes to good form when Spinning is often overlooked when trainers are helping students get set up on their bikes… foot position. And boy does it matter! Cat Kom and AJ

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The Best Mother’s Day Gift You Can Give Yourself – I think you know what it is

As joyful as being a mom is, the busy schedule that often goes along with it can be freakishly overwhelming, and is often why we sometimes let our own health & fitness suffer. But, there are ways to be fit

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Ideas and Advice on How to Recover or Come Back from an Injury. Ibuprofen? Ice? Heat? Talk to Me!

As much as we focus on good form, injuries happen. Interestingly enough, it’s more often outside of the gym than in. In the gym, our guard is up, but it’s not necessarily when we’re doing yard work, right? When you

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Latest Theories on Working Out While Pregnant & Miriam’s Experience with Critics.

So many myths surrounding pregnancy and fitness just won’t go away! These rumors are constantly being perpetuated by pregnancy books, old wives’ tales and outdated advice, but Cat and Miriam are here to break it down for you and give

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