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Best Exercises for Shoulder Injuries and Injury Prevention! Cat Kom gives you solid advice!

*Click Here to see The Shoulder Exercises Crusty Old Paper Cat was Holding. It has images and descriptions for each exercise.* Did you know that shoulder injuries are among the hardest to recover from AND the most common injuries in

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How do the Studio SWEAT Trainers prepare a class for their onDemand SWEATers? Find out here!

Cat Kom, Bethany, and Brian talk about preparing classes for Studio SWEAT onDemand.

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Should I still workout if I’m sore? Ok to take a Fitness class when Sore? How much is too much?

Nice try getting out of your workout, but, your plan just might backfire on you. You dutifully did your squats, push ups and lunges last week, or maybe you ran a ½ Marathon yesterday. While you were doing it, your

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How do I talk to my teen about Nutrition & Fitness? Cat & Bethany Talk to teens. WORTH WATCHING!

Cat Kom and Super Sidekick Bethany were asked to come speak to a very special group of teen girls about Nutrition & Fitness. This is a VERY tough topic to tackle with teen girls so we encourage you to take

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Cat and Bethany

How can I get over a fitness plateau? Ways to change your body fast!

Cat Kom and Bethany talk about ways to switch up your workout routine to keep it interesting.

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90 sec. Tip on Having Enough Energy for Your Workout. How to Not Hit a Wall During Your Workout.

The key is simple for me… pre-hydrating before you workout. Just try it and see the difference. No miracle “supplements” needed. Just H2O friends. No Joke. Don’t get me wrong you need to eat, but I can eat exactly the

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How many calories should I eat? Is eating before bed bad for you?

Cat Kom and R.D. Miriam talk about calories. Calories simplified!

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Ab SPLIT from Pregnancy | Learn what DRAM is & how to naturally correct abdominal recti separation.

Cat Kom & Bethany discuss what DRAM is, how to test for ab recti split, how to naturally correct it and more!

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What is Foam Rolling? Best Foam Rolling exercises for Spin. How to foam roll properly.

Cat Kom and Luana talk about foam rolling and demonstrate how to use a foam roller.

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How can I enjoy my vacation without gaining weight! Cruise without packing on pounds!

Cat Kom and Bethany talk about nutrition and keeping active when on vacation.

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Tracking My Heart Rate Zones with Heart Rate Abnormalities (Tachycardia, Bradycardia, etc.)

Cat Kom and our reputable cameraman, Eric, talk about how to track heart rate zones during exercise if you have heart rate abnormalities like Tachycardia, Bradycardia, or if you take Beta Blockers. We Love to watch heart rate zones during

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Does it matter what gear I am in on my Spin® Bike? Understanding Spin® Bike Gearing

When it comes to using indoor cycling gears, it’s easy for a rider, especially a beginner, to get puzzled on what gear should be used during a spin session. Luckily, instructors Cat Kom and Mere W from Studio SWEAT onDemand

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Best ways to get into TRX® Straps with Cat Kom & Bethany. How to Plank with TRX®.

Cat Kom and Bethany provide helpful tips for getting into the “face-down” position on the TRX®.

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When Should I drink a Protein Shake? Should I drink Protein Shakes? How many is OK?

Cat Kom and R.D. Miriam talk about if and when you should take protein powders and supplements.

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Is it safe to workout in cold weather? Can I exercise when it’s cold outside?

Cat Kom and Bethany talk about working out when it’s cold.

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What’s the best protein powder? What should you look for in protein powders?

Bethany and R.D. Miriam talk about protein powders and how to pick the best ones!

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