What’s the Best Thing to Eat Before a Spin Class?

Here are your Studio SWEAT instructors’ top picks!

What on earth do the Studio SWEAT onDemand trainers eat before they teach, that gives them so much energy!? We hear that question all the time. So, we thought we’d tell you what the most common answers were. That way you can understand what you should eat before Spin class too!

In general: a little protein and about 25g of healthy carbs. And with that said, here were the 5 most common answers, therefore…

Our 5 Top Picks:

  • Cottage Cheese or greek yogurt with fresh fruit (peaches are my fav)
  • A banana with a little almond butter
  • A slice of wholegrain toast with a scrape of peanut butter
  • A Lara bar (or similar)
  • Nothing, but water (most drink at least 16-24 ounces in the hour before they hop on the bike)

Now, it’s important to denote that what works for Peter may not work for Paul. For example, AJ and Brian could both crush a California burrito 5 minutes before class and feel great, but if I (Cat Kom) eat anything closer than 90 minutes before I ride, I’m tasting it the entire class. Then there’s Coach Mere – she mostly teaches at 5:30AM, so she just prefers to hydrate and run on last night’s dinner.

So, the simple answer to the pre-Spin meal dilemma is this: it’s whatever works for you, but may we suggest trying our top picks? They may just be just what the spin-doctor ordered.

~Cat Kom
Founder Studio SWEAT onDemand

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