What are the best workout warm-ups? Avoiding Injury.

Running, Spinning, Bootcamp & More.

Granted, we’ve all been guilty of skipping a warm up before an intense workout. Even if we don’t forget to do them, we wonder if they’re truly worth our time. Who wants to waste one precious calorie torching minute on shoulder rolls or knee hugs? Studio SWEAT onDemand owner, Cat Kom, and her favorite instructor, AJ, are here to bring you the news that warm-ups are a MUST and that the short-term investment pays off.

Go into every workout well prepared by doing a dynamic warm up. Avoid staying static and start the movement(s) early to increase range of motion and improve blood flow. Dynamic warm-ups come in different variations, and if you’re stuck on choosing the perfect one, choose one based on the physical activity you will be doing and the muscle groups and joints that you’ll be hitting.

An easy way to discover the perfect pre-workout dynamic warm up routine is simply by Googling “dynamic warm-ups for (insert activity or muscle group)”. In this video, Cat and AJ provide a head start to your search by talking about ways you can warm up for several specific activities/workouts, such as Running & Hiking, Rock Climbing, Paddling, Bootcamp, and Spinning.

For more information on dynamic warm ups, check out Studio SWEAT onDemand’s video HERE for an awesome, go-to dynamic warm up, and for more Trainer Tip Videos, click HERE!