Trainer Talk #1 with Rebecca!

Check out our first ever SSoD Trainer Talk! These Trainer Talks are live-streamed to our Facebook Page, and we make it available here on our website if you missed it. However, the benefit of joining us live is that you get to ask questions that we can answer during the live stream, and you can interact with other onDemanders at the same time, so join us for the next one!

(The other cool thing about these Trainer Talks is that you can listen to it like a podcast.)

In this episode, you’ll get an in-depth look at the life of phenom SSoD trainer Rebecca, a.k.a. “Spaz”. We go over how many hours Rebecca sleeps, her diet, her training, one of the biggest challenges that she’s had to face, if you should do cardio before strength training, and more! We also answer a lot of your questions that came in, so press play and enjoy Trainer Talk #1 with Rebecca!

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Here's what people said about “Trainer Talk #1 with Rebecca!”


I loved this first trainer talk!! hope there´s more coming soon.
I´ve always loved Rebecca´s classes but getting to know a little bit more of her it´s gonna make me take her classes with even more motivation.
This was a great idea for all of us that are so far away and don´t have the opportunity to be there with you all it definitely made me feel closer, thankyou for taking the time to do it, it´s priceless!! I want to get to know everybody there, all the awesome coaches involved in this lovely family.
Congratulations Cat for being so inspiring to all of us, you are really changing lifes and spreading love to fitness, and specially fun into it.

All my love and admiration from Mexico.

What a fantastoc idea. Learnt so much from Cat and Rebecca. Would love to see more of these talks. You are all inspiring…

Oh and I would love to see rowing classes offered!! I have a beautiful water rower that basically sits there untouched because I find myself getting bored after ten minutes or so 🙁

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Thank You!!!!!!! Rebecca puts me in “beast mode”, so that I don’t have to worry about my burn (sort of). Cat Kom, you got me hooked on spinning. I was a marathon runner, and I fell off that regime because I loved spinning. I plan to get back to running (my first love) …Kudos to both of you…loved every minute of this interview. I grew up going to support my dad in the Ironman competitions in Canada, Hawaii, and Lake Placid.. Its not just about working out, but how such energy and attitude carries over into other parts of life, Cat…you should be next in the interview line-up! But please!!!!bring Rebecca back !!! Much love and admiration for your efforts!

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Heard! And Rebecca has done the Kona Ironman several times. I think she won! If only more time we could have asked. And I will definitely be on the other side of a trainer talk soon too. So happy you found your second love – maybe it’ll be like when you have a “practice marriage” and it’s not until marriage 2 when you find your true love! 🙂

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Rebecca is one of the most stronger trainers I’ve seen! I love working out with her. This is a must see video with very good information and tips!

SSoD definitely you should do more trainer talks! I definitely loved this one with Rebecca!!!

Way to go!!!! 👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌

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Phenomenal!! Would have listened for another hour. I would suggest Interview with Rebecca Part 2 to allow for more questions. Also, I would love for her to do an Erg Class. Two things I think she could discuss if given the opportunity 1. How important it is to be fitted to your spin bike correctly ( I paid my PT to come to my house to do an evaluation and fitting) 2. As an outdoor competitive cyclist, it’s awesome when Rebecca and all the trainers drop comments to the outdoor riders( vs exclusive spin riders) Here in Massachusetts the indoor training months are long…. Thank you – live SSOD