I’m Too Busy to Workout

How to fit working out into your hectic schedule

How do I fit fitness into my busy schedule? It’s one of the most common questions we hear. And, we get it. We’re super busy too! Like you, we’re often burning the candle at both ends between meetings at work, responding to a full inbox, and hustling to the kids here and there. So, how do we do it? The same way you can.

  1. Plan ahead. Know what days and times you’re going to get your sweat on, and for each of those days know, in general, what activity you’re going to do and for how long.
  2. Schedule it. Literally put it in your calendar just like you’d put a meeting with your boss in your calendar. PERIOD!
  3. Be Realistic. Do not say you’re going to get in 6 days per week if that’s not something you can honestly commit to. Failing sucks, so don’t set yourself up to fail.
  4. Be Accountable. You would not cancel a meeting with your boss, so why would you cancel it with someone you need to be the best to: YOU.

I know this seems too simple you guys, but it really is that simple. You can do it. You can get workouts in when you’re busy. Ya see, fitting workouts into your daily lives is a choice. You have time for what you make time for, so make time for you. You’re worth it.