Soreness in the Saddle. Why is my butt so sore from a Spinning Class? Cycling Seat Pain.

After my first Spinning® class, my butt and my girl parts hurt! Like, “What the heck” hurt, ya know. But, let me get right to the good news… it’s temporary, and before you know it, the saddle soreness will be a thing of the past while the results you get from taking that Spin® class will blow your mind!

Most cyclists have experienced saddle soreness at some time or another. Although saddle soreness varies between individuals, it is usually just an inconvenience during the beginning stages of discovering indoor cycling, but Studio SWEAT onDemand’s Cat Kom and fellow accomplice, Bethany, are here to instill hope, as well as a few tips on how to not have a sore butt (and other things close in proximity) during or after a Spinning® workout.

Various blogs will offer solutions to your soreness by suggesting nifty gel seat pads, slick chamois cycling shorts, or even offer to take a day or two off the bike. Truth be told, saddle soreness is just an uncomfortable fact for beginner riders, but the body will adjust and ease quickly after two to three consistent rides. The high pressure on such a small surface area takes time to get used to and the more often you Spin® on your bike, the faster the irritation will subside.

If after a few classes the soreness is not improving, do make sure you ask your instructor to check your bike set up. It may just need to be tweaked. You can also watch this video on proper bike set up, and read this great blog on the soreness from the saddle subject.

Again, just remember… these uncomfortable moments will pass (and fairly quickly), and then you can just focus on burning calories instead of a burning booty! For more information on this topic, read this article, and for more Trainer Tip videos, check out!

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Soreness in the Saddle. Why is my butt so sore from a Spinning Class? Cycling Seat Pain.

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