Inspiring Spin Instructor with MS

Studio SWEAT onDemand Monica shares her Story.

In this inspiring vlog about a Spin instructor that has MS (multiple sclerosis), you’re going to hear Monica share her journey from the moment she felt something was wrong to today, many years since her diagnosis.

SSoD founder, Cat Kom, talks with Monica to learn what MS is, how she first found out she had it, how it’s impacted her life, how she’s learned to adapt to life with this, what for many is a physically and mentally disabling condition, as well as how she is able to not only keep Spinning on her own, but lead incredibly popular classes for Studio SWEAT onDemand! It’s a truly inspirational talk. Take a listen.

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Here's what people said about “Inspiring Spin Instructor with MS”

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I love how Studio on Demand is bringing all these inspiring stories and riders together!!…now lets see if I can contain myself knowing you might be riding with me the next time I teach…watch out!

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Very interesting and inspiring story from Monica.
Thank you for being a hard worker and very motivational trainer!

Thank you for sharing I have two friends that have M.S. and after watching this I now know how to support them and give them encouragement. The information on the heart rate was very interesting and I will pass this along. I also have an autoimmune disease and spin has been a lifesaver although I’ve been told to do less cardio spin makes me feel good. Thank you again for sharing this was very inspiring.

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Thank you for your interest Julie, it is definitely a very unpredictable disease that is different for everybody but look at US! Getting through it 🙂

Thank you Monica for sharing your story. It was very inspiring. I’ve had to work with a heart condition my entire life and I heard so many commonalities from your experience that matched my experiences as I have tried to adapt to my limitations. I appreciate the courage you have to share your story. Hugs!

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Thanks for sharing Karin, nice to know that we ride with a little more umpf knowing how lucky we are to do what makes us feel good!!

Thank you so much Monica for sharing your story. It’s inspiring to see your strength and stamina. Very inspiring indeed

awesome to say the least – you are a rockstar Monica. I was diagnosed with Diabetes and Rheumatoid Arthritis after many years of health issues through it all I worked out but after my diagnosis I realized I had to change things and stop running – that was a tough one for sure but I now spin consistently and cycle outside when the NJ weather allows me too and I’m getting my yoga teaching certification. At first I was furious about my diagnosis since I always ate healthy and worked out but after wallowing in self pity for a little bit my family and friends encouraged me to do something different. I have never been in better shape both physically and mentally and doing the classes on studio sweat has so helped so much. You truly are an inspiration to so many Monica. Thank you for sharing your story.

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Maria you just gave me goosebumps! I went through the same thing and here we are! Can’t wait to ride with you again.