No Squat, No Problem – Learning How to Modify For You!

You can do most workouts with these tips on modifying based on your limitations!

Do you avoid doing a Bootcamp workout because you can’t do a push-up without pain? Do you skip the HIIT because you can’t do a squat jump? Do you pass on pilates because roll-ups hurt your neck? Well, I have news for you, you’re missing out on some amazing workouts, and you don’t have to! I mean think about it… let’s say you can’t do push-ups because you tore your rotator cuff and it hurts your shoulder. Well, in a 45-minute bootcamp there’s probably only 2 minutes of push-ups, so why would you skip the other 43-minutes?!

The key is understanding what exercises you have to avoid (for whatever reason it is) and always having a go-to when the workout you’re following is performing said move. The first thing you should do is Google “What are the main muscle groups used in a (insert exercise you can’t do)?” Let’s say it’s a deadlift, because you have some lower-back issues. Well, if you look up the deadlift, you’ll see the primary muscle groups used are the hamstrings and core. OK, so next I Google: “Exercises that use the glutes and core,” and I see one option that I CAN do is a glute bridge. BINGO… anytime I’m taking a workout and they are doing deadlifts, my go-to will be a glute bridge. That way I’m working the same muscles as the group, but with an exercise I can do safely.

7 Great Examples:
Deadlift —> Glute Bridge
Tricep Dips —> Tricep Kickbacks
Squat Jumps —> Squats with High Knee Drives
Squats —> Deadlifts
Sit-ups —> Crunches
Push-ups —> Chest Press
Shoulder Press —> Lat Raise

So, stop skipping some of the best workouts out there and instead take back control of your fitness by making each workout you take the best workout for YOU!

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