The Truth About Spot Training

Spot Training versus Spot Toning

Often I’ll get asked questions like, “How can I tone up my inner thighs?” and “What are the best spot training exercises for my arms?” Here’s the truth… when it comes to “spot training”, also known as “spot reduction”, I hate to break it to ya, but it’s not possible. You see, “spot training” is a fancy term some trainers use to mean a way to lean an area out so that it looks more carved up, but like it or not, without intervention from a doctor, you can’t tell the fat where to fall off.

When you burn fat or are functioning with a caloric deficit, the fat will be reduced, but you don’t have any say in where on your body it melts off. It might be your thighs, your abs, your arms, or your back. And there is no way to know ahead of time where it’s gonna drop. I wish there was! And it totally changes at different times in your life, so at one point it might seem like it’s coming off your chest, and another time your legs. It’s unpredictable at best.

That being said, you can “spot tone”. That means you can build beautiful lean body mass in an area of your choice. You can do certain exercises to build solid lean muscle on those inner thighs or upper-arms. But… if there’s a thick layer of fat over that area you built up, you won’t likely see it. If strengthening an area is your goal, then spot training alone is fantastic. If you want to carve it and see it, you might have to build and burn. That’s where classes like Spin Sculpt do wonders, huh!

Knowledge dropped, pick it up.