How to do a Kettlebell Swing Right!

Benefits of the Kettlebell Swing.

An exercise that’s commonly found at any gym, including Studio SWEAT, is the kettlebell swing! This quick and powerful move is great for strengthening the hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and abdominal core. It is very important though to learn how to do a Kettlebell Swing right!

Although many believe the kettlebell swing is just swinging a kettlebell up and down, the exercise is a bit more complex than that. Studio SWEAT onDemand’s CEO, Cat Kom, and fellow trainer and dynamite, Olga, are here to demonstrate the proper execution and variations of the kettlebell swing!

  1. Begin with your feet shoulder width apart and your heels firmly planted on the ground. Soften your knees and keep your shoulder blades back while grasping the kettlebell handle with both hands. Then brace your core, engage those hips, and keep your back flat and neck straight while performing a hip hinge.
  2. Once the Kettlebell hits your glutes forcefully, driving with your hips let the kettlebell swing up to about shoulder height. Elbows and Wrists should stay locked out.
  3. Let the Kettlebell descend smoothly swinging through your legs and control the fluid motion by consistently activating your core, then repeat.

NOTE: When performing the kettlebell swing, a common mistake is engaging in a squat instead of a hinge, which can cause lower back and knee pain. The main differentiating factor is the joint that is activated. A squat emphasizes the knee joints while a hinge focuses on the hips. In order to combat the squat, focus on the weight of the kettlebell. If too light, it’ll naturally move you to a squatting position and work your shoulders instead of hamstrings and hips.

Kettlebell swings come in different forms like the Russian swing, where the kettlebell swing is just to shoulder height, and American swing, where the kettlebell comes up straight overhead. The only difference is the range of motion and the level of stability. This American version is only encouraged if you’re seeking a challenge and have already mastered the original and Russian kettlebell swing.

We’re not here to start another Cold War, but Studio SWEAT is interested in hearing which style you prefer. Comment below with your favorite kettlebell swing version, and for more trainer tip videos, click HERE!

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