How to do a basic crunch. Best way to do an ab crunch. Tips to protect your neck.

When it comes to the basic crunch, it’s pretty common knowledge that they can be a pain in the neck, literally. Check out the tips below and watch this 2 minute video on how to do an abdominal crunch so that it does not hurt your neck or back.

1) Keep your fingertips behind your ears (not behind your head).

2) Draw and keep your elbows wide throughout the movement.

3) Lift using your abs, avoiding pressure on your neck by raising with your chest and shoulders, almost like someone is pulling you up by grabbing your shirt at the chest and pulling upwards.

4) Lift your feet off the ground, bringing your knees to a 90 degree angle (that’s what Cat meant, not 45) if you’d like to relieve pressure off your back.

If none of those tips to do an ab crunch properly work for you, pick another ab exercise! There are so many to choose from. We have tons of ab & core workouts here: at StudioSWEATonDemand so grab the app or hit our website and enjoy the best ab workouts ever!

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