Fitness & Weight loss plateaus Tips

Help, I can’t lose weight. I’m stuck!

In this vlog, aimed at giving you tips on how to get unstuck when it comes to a plateau (weight loss or fitness), Cat begins by explaining how this nutrition plan that used to work like magic for her was not doing the trick. “It was super frustrating,” she admitted.

What Cat Kom, with fellow trainer, AJ, will demonstrate in this vlog is that as your life changes from day to day, whether it be because you’re not the same age, or your fitness routine is different, or your on day 5 of your “cycle”, or whatever… what works one day may not work the next. Along with that, there is no true one size fits all workout or nutrition regiment.

When it comes to healthy eating, you might feel certain changes immediately. For example, if you’re feeding your body nutrients instead of empty calories, you will likely notice an increase in energy and feel less bloated or heavy. However, when it comes to seeing that lean, tight body you’ve been craving, your body may not be reacting to your choices by dropping fat, for one reason or another. Maybe it’s the combination of foods, maybe it’s the times of day you’re eating, maybe it’s the portion sizes, who knows! But, what I do know is that after a few weeks (ya gotta give it at least that long to truly know), if it isn’t moving you in the right direction, then you should try something new.

It’s important to note that when I say try something new, I’m not suggesting you go on any trendy fad diet where more than likely you’ll be encouraged to eliminate a food group, like carbs (“hello gut issues” and “bye bye ability to use your brain well” for those that do that). Rather, I mean try eating at different times, trying mixing your foods differently, working on the correct portion sizes you need, try changing some of your carb or protein sources, etc. For me, it was as simple as adding in more grains than I had been eating, and reducing beans. I didn’t cut beans out, I just decreased the amount I ate and increased my grains, then voila, my body reacted well to that! But, next month I can’t predict if that will continue to do the trick. We’re living, moving, and changing creatures, which means we have to constantly adapt to the changes in our bodies and environments.

Health blogs may tout specific diets, but none of these findings are valuable unless they are personalized for you. So, instead of jumping on the next diet that your friend suggested (especially considering that 98% of diets fail long term, leaving you feeling like a failure), listen to your body and explore various healthy options. Subtract and add in different ingredients, and in different patterns. Mix it up. And, remember to keep with it and stay consistent for a few weeks with anything you try, in order to see true results. You got this!

Though Cat and AJ know a ton about nutrition, do note that they are not Registered Dietitians, but they do have Miriam as their brilliant resource! Watch the video in full to hear Cat’s personal story on dieting, and for more trainer tip videos, click HERE!

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Well said ladies! The body is not static. Nor is the brain so we need to keep changing it up. If you think about it our gut bacteria totally change from day to day, we should keep listening to the signs our bodies give us and be open to change.
Love it 😍

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Miriam, you are sooo right. I had no concept until recently, just how important gut flora is to our overall health – inflammation in joints (joint pain), chronic digestive issues, auto-immune disorders, and even a person’s mood (I can’t prove this, except to say that it drastically improved my mood). I had suffered from a fibromyalgia-like disorder for 20 years, despite maintaining a high level of physical fitness – cycling, running, etc. However, a new family doctor came along with the retirement of our old one, and she totally changed my diet structure, including foods high in natural probiotics and prebiotic material, times of day for my meals, elimination of white flour and sugar, and helped me wean myself off caffeine for the first time in 50 years!! After 3 months of following this plan, my food digests better (no more IBS), my joints are far less painful than before, and frequent depression is GONE!! You really are what you eat!!!

Great points made here, ladies. I’m 55, and I still keep up with SSoD workouts 5xweek. I know I’m in excellent condition and can probably outrun and outlast many 20-year old men I know. But I also know–and finally accept–that two 8 1/2 pound babies, peri menopause and menopause plus the effects of time mean my body is never again going to be completely taut and firm and cellulite-free. It’s healthy for women, especially, (as unfair as that is) to reach a mindset–integral to aging “gracefully”–where health and fitness are more important than body shape. I wear the same size clothing I’ve worn for most of my adult life, but the body inside those clothes is NOT the same. I’m now at an age where I keep upping my game just to stay the same. Fat to muscle ratio changes no matter what, and metabolism slows down inevitably compared to our younger selves. Changing things up, whether our workouts or our eating habits, is healthy physiologically and emotionally. My regular workouts bring so much more to my life than purely the calorie burn.🙂

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Thanks for your comment Rebecca. Glad you liked and could empathize with what we had to say. Let’s keep fighting the fight and enjoying the ride!

Thanks Cat & AJ for posting this one. Reading Rebecca’s comment is akin to reading my own bio and it’s been a struggle adjusting to the new bod at this phase of life; this post and string of comments is helpful on that front for many I bet. Checking out the vlog on menopause is a good companion piece. Thx SSOD.

Thank you for this! I have hit a weight plateau and was getting frustrated. I needed this, thanks!