Does working out to music really make you work harder?

The harder ya work the more kCals you crush, the more lean mass you build!

Let me give you the honest answer. In short, most often… Yes, it does!


  1. It relieves boredom, gives you a distraction.
  2. Increases stamina & puts you in a better mood – Attitude is everything!
  3. It can increase distance travelled, pace, or reps completed.
  4. It allows your mind to disassociate from fatigue. You’re more focused on the beat so relative perceived exertion goes down, but your true effort level does not decrease!


  1. Let the music and its lyrics motivate and energize you!
  • Synchronized exercise to the beat. For example, studies have shown that while Indoor Cycling, the beat range that people can push the hardest to is 125-140 beats per minute (BPM). It’s a Climb! And, for strength training exercises it’s 126-134 BPMs.
  • If you can’t hear beat, it’s okay… set your own cadence/rhythm. Steady as you go.


  1. Sacrifice good form for speed, trying to keep up with the beat.
  2. Let tempo hold you back!

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