Best Exercise to Perk Up That Butt! How to do a Curtsy Lunge Right.

Curtsies don’t only belong in the ballet studio, they also belong in your workout. Why? Because curtsy lunges are one of the BEST exercises to firm up your buns and Cat Kom and sidekick Bethany are gonna show you how to do them right.

While traditional lunges primarily activate your gluteus maximus and hamstrings, the curtsy lunge also targets the inner thighs and the gluteus medius (the side of your booty by your lateral hip), which I often consider the forgotten butt muscle! It’s where you can get that cute little dimple if you keep working at it.

How to:

Take a step back with your right leg like a regular lunge, but cross it behind your left leg. Bend both knees until your front knee forms a 90-degree angle. Return to the start position and engage all over again! Feel free to vary your workout by repeating the exercise one side at a time or alternate from side to side! I suggest 10 to 15 reps per side for 2 to 4 rounds.

If you’re experiencing some knee pain while engaging in this exercise, do not drop down completely to a 90-degree angle and/or try taking a bigger step back.

Once you have mastered the proper form for a curtsy lunge, challenge yourself even more by adding a jump or adding some extra weight.

Watch the video in full to see how it’s done and for more trainer tip videos, go here!:

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