Battle of the Proteins!

Should I Eat Meat, Beans or Powder???

“Help?!? There are so many choices out there for protein these days, but which one is best for me?” If you’re screaming, or even thinking that, don’t worry, you’re not alone. That’s why Studio SWEAT’s founder, Cat Kom, met up with expert nutritionist and registered dietitian, Miriam, to talk to you about what your main sources of protein should be. So, although both protein supplements and whole foods can meet your daily requirement, which one is better to eat?!

Let me give you the short answer to, what could be, a 300 page article… Miriam says that it’s best to eat “real” foods (in this case plant or animal based protein) whenever you can, but that mixing in protein supplements is a great way to go for those that are always on the go. It’s about balance, so at a minimum, mix it up and have some of each!

Whether it be a powdered shake, bar, or a multivitamin, protein alternatives are great to take when you’re dealing with a hectic schedule. While being on the run, these forms can provide you with a quick digesting hit that you can take with you! These various forms of protein are conveniently taken especially when you’re unable to prepare a whole meal or aren’t feeling too hungry before or after a workout. Protein alternatives are a better option than going without a meal, however, these forms of protein shouldn’t be all that you consume.

Although protein supplements are at your convenience and are much more accessible, whole foods will always contain more nutrients and other benefits than just taking small scoops of powder every morning. Food proteins, like eggs, peanut butter, and yogurt, supply amino acids that your body cannot make on its own. Protein is easier to come by than you think and should be eaten during every meal, regardless of your diet. Constructing an eating plan with whole foods, rather than the alternatives mentioned helps you learn how to make better food choices, keeps you energized after resistance trainings, and allows you to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to all these various options, again, balance is key. Don’t focus heavily on one source, but instead switch it up whenever you can and explore all types of proteins…you’ll be shocked at what you find!

A general guideline for your daily amount of protein is 1 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of total body weight. The recommended daily protein is 60-70 grams for the average female and 90-100 grams for the average male, but if you do a lot of lifting or are very active, ya might need more to support all the beautiful lean body mass!

Take care of yourself and make sure you stay within range since a surplus of any nutrient can also lead to weight gain and overconsumption!

If you’re curious to hear more about proteins, check out Studio SWEAT onDemand’s trainer tips here!:

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