2 Min TRX Trainer Tip Series – Tip 4 Can Anyone Do TRX Workouts? Yes, Learn How & Why!

TRX exercises can look intimidating, but YOU CAN DO THEM.

That’s one of the things I love most about TRX; everyone can do it, and you just need to know how. What we’ll show is that you can change the resistance or intensity of most TRX exercises, just like you can by curling a 5lb dumbbell compared to a 50lb dumbbell.

It’s all about the body angle, also known as your vector, that you take with TRX. Generally speaking, the taller your body is, the less resistance, so all you have to do to make it more do-able is get tall! To make it harder, take it low!

Now while these principles apply to most exercises, there are a few that they do not apply to, like a plank, but there are also modifications for those and ways to build your way up. Your TRX pro should be able to help you master any TRX move!

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