Injury Prevention Workshop

Do you have overuse injuries or pains from your workouts or day to day activities? Things that may feel like tendinitis, bursitis, or just general pains or aches in your muscles or joints? Have you ever wondered how you can prevent these injuries or reduce your pain? Well this workshop, led by Doctors Ben Deluca and Donald Mull, gives you ideas on how to minimize and prevent common injuries from cycling, running, lifting, and more. They talk about common signs to look for, when to ask for professional help, and answer questions many SWEATers, just like you, have about sport injuries.

Our special guests will also walk you through exercises to incorporate in your everyday workouts that will help strengthen stabilizer muscles such as the hips, back, and knees, so that you can move and feel better during and after your workouts. All of these moves are demonstrated with one simple piece of equipment: an elastic band. To get the full experience, you might want to invest $10 in some elastic bands like these. They’re a great add to your at-home gym anyway!

Stay healthy and strong!

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