Studio SWEAT onDemand® & Peloton Cycle


A Side by Side Comparison

Pretty much every time you turn on your TV or log on to your computer you see this ad of a lady riding an indoor cycling bike in her plush New York apartment, right? Me too! It’s funny though because it’s a workout that’s been around since the mid-1980s, Spinning®, a.k.a. Indoor Cycling, but for many of you it’s just now being thrust into your line of site.


Spinning® is a seriously incredible calorie crushing, body sculpting workout, which is why it’s maintained, and continuously built, such a strong following. It’s typically done in a group setting at a big box gym, boutique fitness studio or cycling studio, but lately a new trend is emerging, working out from home, and it’s taking off like wildfire. Why? Because it’s offering busy health enthusiasts around the world an affordable solution to get it done in a private setting, and on their own schedule.

In this article we’re going to talk to you about the two top emerging options you can use to jump on board the Virtual Spinning® band wagon from the comfort of your own home, Studio SWEAT onDemand® (SSoD) , and Peloton Cycle.

From the surface Studio SWEAT onDemand® (SSoD) and Peloton Cycle appear similar due to their strong promise, accessible platform, and dedicated target demographic, but when looking through a clearer lens, the differences are what make the companies so distinct and unique. Let’s look at the comparisons!


Studio SWEAT onDemand®


Completely Up to you!

Use Any Indoor Cycling Bike That Fits Your Budget


Pick From

Month to Month, 6 Month or 12 Month Subscription Plans

as low as $19.88



The Breakdown


Base Exercise Bike Price, Exclusively Sold Through Peloton Cycle

+ $200 Average Delivery Fee

+ Sales Tax for Most Buyers

+ $468

$39 Monthly Subscription Fee for Required Minimum 12 months


Rather than restricting users to one bike, SSoD suggests at-home cyclists pick any indoor cycling bike that meets their budget or circumstance. Heck, if it were me I would Shop Costco or Checkout the Indoor Cycling Bikes on Amazon for some amazing steals and deals before dropping thousands and committing to paying Peloton $39/mo with a lengthy commitment!  You don’t even necessarily have to have a bike in your home; you may just choose to use a bike you have access to, like at your local club, office gym, or hotel workout room. In that case, you can still enjoy all of the benefits of SSoD by just bringing your mobile device to the bike!

Riding at-home is an amazing option though, and Indoor Cycling Bikes are available through numerous online retailers (like Amazon), as well as local fitness stores, or even Costco. When browsing online, search for “Spinning Bikes” or “Indoor Cycling Bikes” and you’ll see several affordable options. You can even go pre-owned if you prefer. SSoD also offer various quality & reliable bikes through their website for as low as $489, and that includes the subscription for classes.

The Peloton bike offers a built-in console that has a great immersive experience, and some fun bells and whistles, like the ability to compete with other Peloton riders. A downside to the built-in console is that you risk the technology becoming outdated. As the console is mounted to the bike, if the hardware becomes obsolete or technology advances and Peloton software does not, you might be stuck with the bike as is. And what if you want to stop paying the $39/mo, then what?

That’s why Cat Kom, founder of SSoD, said she prefers to allow her customer to not only have flexibility when it comes to the bike they ride, but also with means they choose to watch their Spinning classes. She said, “Most people, given the option, would likely prefer to look in front of them to a flat screen mounted on their wall, rather than down at a screen mounted to a bike, so at Studio SWEAT onDemand we like to offer options for people to watch our classes using things like Apple TV or their Internet Ready TVs. It really allows for more of an in-studio feel that way.” And if you prefer to look down while you ride, you can watch SSoD classes using your phone, a tablet mounted to the bike of your choice, your laptop screen, etc. Whatever suits your mood or budget!


Studio SWEAT onDemand offers a Free Trial 7 Day Trial where they offer over 100 classes you can take for a test ride. This includes not only their world famous Spin class, but their off the bike supplemental workouts, like Yoga and Boot Camp. You can use the free trial through almost any Internet Ready Device (smart phone, laptop, streaming TV, or Tablet) or through their Apple or Android Apps.


For Peloton’s full service option (like you see on their commercials) there is not a Free Trial. It’s a little tough for most people to be able to “try before you buy”, unless you happen to live near one of their showrooms, so to commit to spending $2800+ before trying the bike or classes might feel pretty risky to many consumers. You can, however, get a 14 day free trial to watch classes, but only through an iOS device.

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Once the free trials have expired, what’s next? Let’s talk about the plans available.


Studio SWEAT onDemand®


Subscription Monthly Cost

as low as


Standard rate: $19.88/mo


**or  $19.95+tax mobile app only  App does not include interactive experience or data tracking

Contract Required



A 12 month commitment at $39/mo is required for those using the Peloton Bike.

No, if you just use their iPhone or iPad app.

Free Trial

Live Classes

Sells à La Carte Classes

Custom Workout Design

Studio SWEAT onDemand® Pricing Options:


The All Access Pass is a subscription that gives riders unlimited access to a vast library of on-demand workouts on and off the bike. They have hundreds of on-demand classes available now, and that number grows each week as new classes are added to the library. You can buy plans to go month-to-month, or save even more with 6 or 12 month options. They also run intro specials throughout the year that bring the price down as low as *$9.94/mo so watch for those deals!

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