Spring SWEAT BING-O 2023

Choose between playing for the Horizontal, Vertical, Diagonal, or Blackout BINGO!  The more Bingos you get, the more chances to win prizes! 

May 1 – 31
Cost: FREE

Here’s how you compete in the challenge

  • There are two different BINGO cards you can pick to play, one that includes Spin Classes and one that does not.
  • Once you’ve completed a class or challenge mark the corresponding box off on your bingo card.
  • A Bingo means you’ve completed any 5 boxes in a row vertically, diagonally, or horizontally.
  • A Blackout Bingo means you’ve completed the challenge in every square!
  • By June 2, post a screenshot of your completed card on the Komrades FB page and tag  AJ Mason (or you can email it to aj@studiosweat.com).

Get any BINGOs between May 1st – 31st and you’ll be entered in a raffle for a chance to win amazing prizes!


Want to have even more fun?
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