March Madness Fitness Challenge

March Madness IS BACK!


Join the FREE Madness this March by signing up for this motivating month-long CHALLENGE. 
This challenge is all about flex! FLEXing those muscles, and experiencing gains in your FLEXibility. So how do you do that? See the challenge below and you’ll see!




  • All through March each week get in:
    • At least 1 SSoD Cardio Class – StraightUp Spin or Spin Core (No bike? No problem. Anything in the killer cardio category works!)
    • At least 2 SSoD strength-focused workouts per week with some sort of strength training to flex those muscles!!! – Bootcamp, HIIT, TRX, Spin Sculpt, Body Sculpt, Barre, Power Yoga, BOSU or  Kettlebell
    • At least 2 SSoD sessions focusing on FLEXibility – Pilates, Stretch & Restore or Yoga (*These sessions can be as short as 5 min or as long as an hour. We have lots of options! So add a stretch session to your Spin day, or do a stand-alone flex sesh.)
    • +….Any more you like! The more ya do, the more ya build lean muscle, the more ya burn fat, the healthier ya get, the better ya feel!!! But do remember to take a rest day each week.
    • BONUS part of the challenge that Cat Kom and a bunch of the komrades decided to throw in. The bonus part of the challenge is to take at least one class from each year, starting in 2012 and going all the way to 2023. Now that’s NOT required, but it’s a pretty fun twist. 
  • Dates are March 1 – March 31 2023
  • Your SSoD classes will be tracked through our SSoD Fitness Tracker, which you can click here to see anytime. Good News! We can see every SSoD class you take and this is how we know you took your classes!
  • Private Facebook group for all challenge participants!
  • Cost FREE!*

*Cost of classes or subscription not included. If you don’t have an All Access Pass yet, just grab one! You can always cancel it easily online if you don’t want to continue it after that challenge.


All those that successfully complete the challenge will not only be super-fit heading into the Spring but you’ll also be entered in a raffle to win cool prizes like:

  ★ A Virtual Training Chat or a Private Zoom class of your choice for you and one friend with your challenge leader AJ

  ★ Studio SWEAT Swag Autographed by Your Favorite Studio SWEAT Trainer

  ★ And More!



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