Lean on Me New Year’s Challenge Sign- Up


Jan 10 – Feb 13


Fitness Challenge

Choose your challenge:

3×30 – 3 or more 30-minute workouts per week or for SSoD 3×5 (3 SSoD classes for 5 weeks)

4×40 – 4 or more 40-minute workouts per week or for SSoD 4×5 (4 SSoD classes for 5 weeks)

5×50 – 5 or more 50-minute workouts per week or for SSoD 5×5 (5 SS classes for 5 weeks)

  • Must do the amount of SSoD classes chosen above during the challenge dates (Jan 10 – Feb 13)
  • Each SSoD class must be a minimum of the class challenge you have chosen. Your SSoD classes will be tracked through our SSoD Fitness Tracker, which you can click here to see anytime. Good News! We can see every SSoD class you take and this is how we know you took your Lean on Me classes!
  • Each week we will give you suggested classes to help you reach your goals! Click the Button below to see the challenge page!

Nutrition Challenge

  • Plan your meals in advance. We’re going to give challengers sample meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.
  • We encourage challengers to download and print a simple to use meal planning template of their choice.
  • Each day make sure you consistently eat your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 2 snacks.
  • Option to use an app like MyFitnessPal to check your calories, macros, and nutrients!
  • You’ll also be encouraged to share your favorite meal and snack ideas with your challenge peers on the private challenge Facebook group forum! Once a week we’d love if you’d post your weekly meal plan on the Facebook forum, but this is not required, just encouraged.
Note: The Nutrition portion is optional, however, you will get an extra raffle ticket for our amazing prizes if completed!


BIGGEST TRANSFORMATION – 6 Month Free Premium All Access Pass, SSoD Tank, SSoD Poster!
*To be entered into this prize please take before and afters and the Komrades themselves will vote on the winner!
Entered into a raffle where they’ll have a chance to win one of these awesome prizes:
  • SSoD Wall Poster
  • SSoD SWEAT Towel
  • SSoD beanie or Cap
  • SSoD Fannie Pack
  • SSoD Water Bottle