Hustle for Helen

9-Week Challenge Thru the Decades

with the SSoD OGs, Cat & Bethany


June 1 – August 2

Meet KOMrade Helen!

Helen is an inspiration, a SWEAT cheerleader, and the brains behind this awesome new challenge. She has been digging deep into the SSoD class library and has been steadily taking every 2012 Cat class for the last two months. If you have never taken a 2012 Cat class, you will see why this is a challenge! They are fire! She wanted to challenge all the KOMrades around the world to join her in taking 2021-2013 classes with our two OG SWEAT trainers (Cat and Bethany).  Bonus, this challenge will end on Helen’s birthday. So let’s all celebrate and SWEAT with Helen!

Helen’s Challenge Details

• 9 Weeks. 50 SSoD Classes. Covering 10 Years with the OGs (Cat & Bethany)

• Challenge Begins on June 1 and ends on Helen’s Birthday, Aug 2.

• You can jump into the challenge anytime.

• Only SSoD classes with Cat or Bethany Count, but feel free to do other classes as needed. Just know they don’t count towards the challenge.

• To meet your goal of 50 classes you need to average 5.5 classes per week, but don’t worry

• No minimum class length is required (meaning even a 10-minute class counts toward your total)

Required equipment- Cycling Bike and Dumbells

• Your SSoD classes will be tracked through our SSoD Fitness Tracker, which you can click here to see anytime. Good News! We can see every SSoD class you take and this is how we know you took your classes!

• Each week Helen will give you suggested classes on the Challenge Dashboard page and private Facebook Group to help you reach your goals! Once signed up, click the button below to see the challenge page!

• Join our Private Facebook Group for extra fun! (not required to participate in the challenge)



The Grand prize winner – will get a free 60-Minute Private Workout session with just them, Komrade Helen, and one of their favorite SSoD trainers. Bonus, the grand prize winner will get to help decide on the workout type and the playlist!

• Entered into a raffle where they’ll have a chance to win one of these awesome prizes:

• SSoD SWEAT Towel

• SSoD beanie or Cap

• SSoD Water Bottle