What is a SWEAT Party?

We are SO excited to share this engaging feature with you, SWEAT PARTIES! I mean is there anything better than an all-out, butt-kickin’, body-pumpin’ workout? Yeah, doing one with other people! This is your chance to burn it up right alongside your closest friends, where you can cheer each other on, scream at the instructor, and have a ball — while getting an amazing workout!

Just think of a Sweat Party like a watch party, but with sweat. Create private sweat parties for you and your hand-selected friends, or if you’re with an organization that offers Studio SWEAT onDemand to their entire team you can create group-wide Sweat Parties with the click of a button, where everyone in your organization gets the invitation.

All you gotta do is choose which class you wanna take, share the link with your friends, and get ready to SWEAT!

Learn How to Create or Join a SWEAT Party Here!

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