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Shock Program

Begun January 6

But you can still sign-up if you like!

If you do, please email and we’ll give you steps to catch-up!


To learn more about the EB30XShock Program, including the detailed training plan,

click here to check out these EB30XShock Training Plan & Info!


If you have a Studio SWEAT All Access Pass please login to see the button to purchase for the AAP discounted rate


Program Rate:  $49.88

Includes an All Acess Pass to be able to stream all SSoD workouts, as well as your EB30xshock Program Content!

Buy Program $49.88

What You Get When You Sign-Up

  • 4 Different EB30X Workouts  – that’s a new workout each week!
  • Suggested Meal Plans & Recipes
  • An Invitation to a Private Facebook group to interact with Eric and other program participants *
  • Access to the entire library of Studio SWEAT onDemand workouts!

Getting Started

Next Steps

  1. Get ConnectedClick here to request to join the private EB30X/SSoD Shock Program Facebook group and click “Join” when you get there to request to join the closed group. This is optional, but strongly advised. You can even sign up for a facebook account using an alias, we just need you to email to tell us if you did this so we know to allow you access to the closed group.
  2. Know where to go – Bookmark this page because, as you can see, this is where you will access your EB30X Shock Workouts, but do not begin taking them yet. Do begin doing some Studio SWEAT onDemand (SSoD) worokouts of your choice now though.
  3. Start Working Out on Your Own with SSoD – You can (and should) access hundreds of SSoD workouts to get started now. We have workouts like Spinning, Yoga, HIIT and more. You’ll love them! To access the general SSoD library through a web browser just click here. You can also download the Studio SWEAT onDemand app in the Apple or Google Play stores to access the workout videos. And, they will also be available through Studio SWEAT onDemand’s TV apps on ROKU and Apple TV. Learn how to stream on various devices.
  4. Read Your Welcome Letter – Read Your EB30X Shock Program Welcome Letter from Eric Bassett (“EB”) himself!
  5. Get your Equipment & Space Ready – In order to complete the EB30X Shock program workouts all you’ll need is a couple of sets of dumbbells. The weight really depends on a lot of factors, but we suggest one set that you could bicep curl about 12 reps of and another set you could curl about 25 of, but where the last couple of reps would be a challenge to complete. OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT would be a step board like any of these and/or an exercise mat. Get these set up in an area where you have room to safely move and where you can stream your EB30X workouts (see #3 above for more on How to Stream).
  6. Get Answers – Review the Program FAQs for program details.
  7. Start Your Engines – Remember that, as a team, we officially kickoff the program together, so watch for an email, as well announcements on the Facebook page as that date draws nearer!

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Check out a Behind the Scenes chat with EB and Cat Kom about the EB30X Shock Program