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What does the EB30x Shock Program Include?
This comprehensive 5-week program includes several tools you need to transform your body. Transformation expert, Eric Bassett (a.k.a “EB”), starts with a Getting Started Video on week 1 so you get organized for change. This will be posted on Facbook as well as the EB30X Shock Program page on Studio SWEAT onDemand.

There are 4 EB30X workouts that you will stream to your TV or personal device that will shock your body into weight loss and definition. You will also have access to the entire Studio SWEAT onDemand library of workouts (like Yoga, Spinning and much more) throughout the 5-week program. You’ll actually have access to those, as well as the EB30X Shock Workouts the second you purchase the program. Just keep in mind we won’t officially start the workouts as a group until mid-January. Don’t let that stop you from taking them for a test drive though.

The program also includes a cooking demo, key informational pdfs and some other key videos released on the program and facebook group page, including EB’s cooking demo and other inspirational tips.

When does the program begin and end?
The EB30X Shock Program officially begins January 6th, but week 1 is our “Get Organized” week. Workouts will begin on January 13th when we all press PLAY and SHOCK YOUR BODY TO CHANGE!

What equipment do I need to be able to do this program?
In order to complete the EB30X Shock program workouts all you’ll need is a couple of sets of dumbbells. The weight really depends on a lot of factors, but we suggest one set that you could bicep curl about 12 reps of and another set you could curl about 25 of, but where the last couple of reps would be a challenge to complete. OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT would be a step board like any of these and/or an exercise mat. Get these set up in an area where you have room to safely move and where you can stream your EB30X workouts (see #3 above for more on How to Stream).

How many workouts per week will I do, and how long are the workouts? 
For best results, EB suggests 3 to 5 workouts per week. When you sign up you will see a suggested routine for each week.

How hard are the workouts? 
The EB30X Shock Workouts are designed so that any fitness level can do them. Each workout demonstrates modifications so it can benefit varying fitness levels.

How do I stream the workouts? 
The EB30X Shock videos will be on the Studio SWEAT onDemand EB30X program webpage (which you get access to after you sign-up), that you can access from your phone, Tablet or PC.  You can also download the Studio SWEAT onDemand app in the Apple or Google Play stores to access the workout videos. And, they will also be available through Studio SWEAT onDemand’s TV apps on ROKU and Apple TV. Learn how to stream on various devicesAlso, IF YOU PAID FOR THE PROGRAM AND CANNOT SEE OR PLAY THE VIDEOS PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE LOGGED IN USING THE EMAIL ADDRESS YOU USED TO PURCHASE THE PROGRAM, otherwise the system won’t know who you are and ya gots to pay to play, right!!

Are there any safety concerns?
You should always be in good health or consult your physician before beginning an exercise program. Also, consider the flooring and space where you’re working out. Make sure it’s well suited for movement because you’re about to get moving! Move any objects that can get in your way as you move your muscles. Finally, proper athletic footwear and hydration are also important.


More Questions?
Email fitnessproject@gmail.com