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Spin Sculpt: Hey Ho CYCLE SCULPT

Equipment: Dumbbells / Indoor Cycling Bike

Get ready to move, move, shake, shake and SWEAT to this super fun “hey ho, let’s go” workout on a bike!

Cat starts by breaking it down so you understand at a slower pace what you’re going to be doing, and then the party begins. The cool thing with this one is this… almost everyone in the class was nervous they couldn’t “do” it because they weren’t “dancers”, but if you can lean to the side a little, you got this. And at the end they were all shocked at A) How well they did, B) How much fun it was C) How fast it went by, and D) How many calories they crushed! They all wanted more like this, and my guess is so will you.

Oh, and BONUS… smack in the middle of the fun, Cat will have you dismount for about 15 minutes where every major muscle group gets fired up on the floor. That way not only will you torch fat, but you’ll have solid muscle all over that body to show for it!

Git it.