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Zumba Hip Hop Fusion cardio killer workout

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Dance Cardio Hip-Hop Fusion

Equipment: No Special Equipment Needed!

Get ready for an energetic, inspiring, fun, and sweat generating Hip Hop Dance Cardio workout. Come dance with Elizabeth, a.k.a. the “Island Fire”. You’ll Dance Cardio to the rhythms of Reggae-ton, Salsa, Meringue, Hip-Hop, and Cumbia.

This class is fast paced fun, so you should be comfortable bringing your own free style swag for those times when you’re like “Man, how do they do that!” Just move your body to rhythmic, choreographed music that’ll leave you wanting more. By the way, want to know how many calories are burned in a Dance Cardio class? Up to 700 in an hour long class where you “Just danced!” WOW!

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I’ve done your class a few times now and I absolutely love it; by far one the best Zumba classes I seen. I love it loud it makes me work out just a little harder. I would like Zumba Toning in the future. Thanks 😁

Hey, Elizabeth, I took your class from Canada, it was AWESOME!!! I love your energy, and don’t even get me started on the moves!!! ❤️❤️❤️. I hope you post more classes soon. Thanks for an awesome workout!!!!

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Hi Silvia! I’m happy you loved the class ❤️ Thank you for the feedback more to come soon and don’t worry about the moves bring your own swag!

SFL2018 – awesome class! Elizabeth has great energy, style and her cueing was on point. I used to do Zumba back in the day and she is one of the best instructors I’ve seen! Wish I could have been in the studio live with her.

SFL2018 #2 done! Second class in one day and that was so much fun! It was the first time I have tried Zumba on demand and I loved it! Thank you Elizabeth I loved it! 🙂

Just what I needed after a long day. I was dancing with the biggest smile on my face. Next to spin,Zumba might be my next fav. I hope there are more Zumba classes added to on demand because it was a great change of pace.

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4MDM week 2 workout #8 I did my very best (but I was glad no one was watching)… great variation to shake out the hips and legs to finish of the challenge.

14MDM #3 for this week. What an awesome class, and I echo the request: More please! This was so fun! But, I’m pretty glad no one was here to see my “shake it, shake it,” other than my dog. More Zumba please!

My first ever ZUMBA class. Loved it! More of these, please! So important to keep up our foot speed, coordination, hip mobility as we age. I’d do a class/week for sure if we had more.

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I try to do every new class that y’all offer but I was tempted to skip this one because I have absolutely no rhythm but I decided to at least try it and there are actually no adequate words to describe how bad I was at it BUT it was still so much fun. I loved it!! Thanks for always keeping things new and exciting!!

More please, I agree with others that a video on how to do the steps would really help but lots of fun and a great alternative to other cardio.

Loved Elizabeth’s energy! The hooting and hollering was motivational and fun!! More of these classes please!

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OMG! MYZONE says I burned 600 calories! Elizabeth, you can definitely work it! Thank you for all the cueing ….when I used to take Zumba classes every week, I had the most toned abs ever; please more classes!! PLEASE 😬

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Hi Annalisa. Your calorie buring zone is Awesome you worked hard and work it too, lol! I love the cueing it is a big part of being me, I love to have everyone follow and not be lost thank you for the feedback more Zumba to come

I LOVE THIS CLASS! I normally take Zumba classes at the gym, but when I saw this class was offered I knew I had to try it and I’m happy to report that I loved it! Elizabeth is a great instructor with high energy throughout the entire workout and lots of swag. I’ll definitely be adding this class to my list of favorite workouts! I would love to see more Zumba classes like this in the future 🙂 Thanks!

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Hi Tasha! it was a pleasure to dance with you I know that doing Zumba live is even more fun everyone is screaming and having fun! thank you for the feeback, more swag to come:-)

What a fun class! I was so out of my element! How you get your hips and butt to move that good is beyond me! For not be very coordinated I still burned 370 calories and am soaking wet! I will definitely be doing it again so I can start perfecting those cool moves!!! Thanks!

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Hi Debbie thank you for taking the class and the hip and butt movement comes with practice I’ve been shaking like that since I was five lol 😂 dancing in my country was a regular and normal the more you do the moves the more you get better keep your swag ❤️

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Hi Nancy don’t give up! I will be breaking down the moves slowly in the next video it’s such a fun way to work out stay tuned but thanks for trying and the feedback ❤️

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Wow! I haven’t done Zumba in over two years and I didn’t know how much I missed it until now! So much sweaty fun! Thanks Elizabeth! My daughter and I look forward to doing this one together again.

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Hi Cheri, it is so much fun to do Zumba with someone else especially if it’s your daughter so much love, bonding and dancing yeah!!! so happy you had sweaty fun, more to come. Thank you for the feedback.

Really enjoyed this class. It was a nice change from the other workouts. I hope to see more of these classes. The instructor was very motivating and easy to follow!

Wow loved this! At first i was frustrated that i couldnt get all the moves perfect but then realized how much fun i was having and all the calories i burned i just enjoyed it! Hope to see more classes like this and look forward to doing this one again! Great energy!

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Hi Danielle, I love the feeback, practice practice and keep moving its all about having fun and bringing your swag I will teach beginner steps and slow it down in the intro. more to come:-)

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Hi Tracy, I’m so happy that you enjoyed the class ” be the best kind of you and always bring your swag, I love the feed back, more to come:-)

Loved Elizabeth’s energy and enthusiasm. I, however, am not quick at picking up the steps. I imagine that i would have been more successful working with Elizabeth in studio. Thanks for bringing somehing fresh and fun!

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HI Marie, I will be demonstartng the different Steps to the rhytms on the next taping, this way everyone can follow and practice at their own pace and in time you will soon be ready to go at a faster pace, thank you for the feeback and keep dancing!:-)

This was soooooo much fun! I love to dance but have never taken a Zumba class. I can wait to come take your class live sometime! Thank You Elizabeth for your energy and awesome, FUN workout!! And let’s not forget to mention your outfit…. the BOMB!

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Hi Jessica, I’m excited that you enjoyed the class and have fun and please come take the class live just as soon as I can teach there at Studio Sweat, the outfit it’s a bonus to my swag lol! thank you for the feedback

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I loved everything about this class! Elizabeth you are full of such positive energy, it comes through my tv. I forgot how much I love Zumba. I was laughing and singing along

User Photo 45781

Hi Margaret, I love teaching and bringing positive energy because I love the fact that I can make a difference for someone especially if it means bringing joy and brightening their day, I love the feedback, thank you

I could not ❤️ this more!! So much energy and fun. It blew by! In my head I looked just like Elizabeth. In reality…I’m so glad I was in a room by myself. Seriously awesome! Elizabeth, you are a star! MORE MORE MORE please!

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Hi Julie, thank you for the feedback and the 😍 it was great to have you dance with me and you definitely looked and dance liked me you’re awesome looking forward to dancing with you again

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I LOVED this workout! Elizabeth is a GODDESS! So much fun to throw different workouts in my routine. Even got my teenage daughters to join in 🙂

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Hi Kandis, thank you and your daughters for shaking and bringing your swag it’s so much more fun with Family and Friends let’s do it again ❤️

This was fun and different but maybe there could be a video where the movements are slowed down and explained. It was hard to “see” some of the movements and for someone who has never done Zumba before, it would be helpful!

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Hi Christy, I would love to do a video and slow down the steps so that everyone can learn the moves then once you get it wow 😮 let’s bring the fire 🔥 I will discuss with Studio sweat for the future thank you the feedback and keep on dancing 🕺

I don’t remember the last time I enjoyed Zumba this much. I think it was on 2006. Lol
I just loved it. I can’t believe I burned this many calories. Thank you very much Elizabeth. Looking forward to take more of your classes. Maria

Yes! Please ☺Maybe a little bit of beginner instruction to get the hang of it too. Another 2 left footed person here. LOL!

I am now painfully aware of just how rhythmically challenged I really am!!! Lol. Love the music and enthusiasm!!!

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I usually have two left feet but this was surprisingly easy to follow! So fun- and I think I’ll be sore tomorrow even though I spin nearly every day- different muscles used here. Class flew by. More Zumba please!

Haha my four year old wanted to try part of this with me, and she said “Wow, I cannot keep up with that lady”

So much fun!!! What a great way to work out, went by fast, but man my body is definitely going to feel it tomorow!

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Hi Heather, its great that you enjoyed the class i’m very energetic and spicy and dancing with the members is always fun thank you

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Hi Debra, i can certainly do more classes what is your dance speciality i can add more of what you enjoy:-)

Yes! Please ☺Maybe a little bit of beginner instruction to get the hang of it too. Another 2 left footed person here. LOL!

I love this Zumba class!! How about Zumba toning!!! The instructor is such a great motivator, I love all the hollering. Thanks!!

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Great addition to the workouts
But…the insteuctor’s constant whoooo hooooos were annoying and distracting
I like enthusiasm but this was overboard
Other than that more Zumba classes please

User Photo 45781

Hi Anita, i am high energy and in my regular classes its crowded and everyone is so loud that i never noticed how vocal I am. lol, thanks for watching and enjoying I can tone it down for you:-)