14 Day Memorial Day Motivator

Get Immediate Access to Hundreds
of our Top Online Fitness Classes

Cost: $9

Now – May 26

 Who doesn’t want to be in killer shape for the first pool party of the season?!?!  Join us for a 14 Day Challenge to motivate you to look & feel your best this Memorial Day! Plus you will get an All Access Pass starting TODAY until May 27th! You will have access our whole class library!

Here’s how you compete in the challenge

The Workouts

      1. You must complete 3 or More SSoD Workouts per week
      2. Virtual Classes Must Be 25 Min or Longer
      3. At least 1 of the 3 Must Include more than just Spin alone (Example, Spin Sculpt, 30 Min Sculpt, Boot Camp, TRX, Yoga, etc. Spin Core is NOT an option for this).  For those with injuries you can take the workout, but modify to not aggravate your injury.  There are plenty of classes to choose from where no extra equipment is needed.
      4. You must “Comment” on the Class when You’re Done.  This is done from the screen where you play your class video.  If you don’t comment, we don’t know you did it!  Begin each comment with “14MDM”
      5. You must do at least 1 additional “On Your Own Workout” per week.  It can be anything you deem a workout.  Hiking, Biking, a Workout at your local gym, swim.  Whatever! Then you must post what you did on our group page.
      6. You must do at least 2 or More Longer Stretch Sessions per week that are 8 minutes or longer.  You can do this on your own after a class or to start your day, or follow one of the many SSoD stretch videos or Yoga videos. Then you must post on our group page when you did one!

The Community Support
You will be invited to a special Facebook group where you can interact with your Challenge Leader (Trainer AJ!).   Don’t have Facebook?  No problem, we also have an internal forum we’ll be using just for this group.

Who is considered a Winner?

Anyone that meets all the goals above.  If you do, you’ll be entered into our raffle for prizes at the end of the Challenge!