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Bread Bonanza – March 2017 Focus on Food

This month is National Nutrition Month! Hooray!!! Can you feel the nutrient buzz in the air?! I thought we would talk about bread. The answer is, yes, you can eat bread. Don’t be silly, you can. It’s about choosing wisely.


Sugar Talk – January 2017 Focus on Food

Recently, Cat and I did a vlog about the “no sugar diet.” I’ve decided to expand on that since it’s a hot topic lately. While this is wayyyyy less harmful than say an Atkins or Low Calorie plan, there are some


Is the Plank the Best Ab Exercise?

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The PERFECT PLANK is well known as one of the best ab & core exercises out there, if, keyword if it’s done properly. Here’s the problem though, most people don’t do it right. If it’s done well you’re strengthening every

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Sodium Talk – November 2016 Focus on Food

  Hi Fit Fam! The statistics for sodium intake in the United States are sobering. Americans generally eat more than 3,400 mg of sodium each day; significantly above the 2,300 mg recommendation set forth by the 2010 Dietary Guidelines. 97%