Yoga and Indoor Cycling? Meet Spin-Yoga!

spin yoga

Yoga and Spin: not a combination that immediately comes to mind. But believe us when we say that it’s up there with the PB & J’s and chocolate-covered strawberries of the world. Spin is the ultimate cardio workout in the world, and Yoga has grown from a niche workout to an essential part of the everyman’s mental and physical training.

Yoga offers practitioners a wide variety of benefits:

  • Helps with mindfulness and awareness
  • Greatly decreases stress
  • Improves flexibility
  • Targets balancing muscles and core

Why Spin Yoga?

Spin Fusion classes are, in general, weight-training classes combined with intense cardio. They’re great for creating a comprehensive, 2-in-1 workout for those that don’t want to have to choose between cardio or weight training for the day.

Of course, at Studio SWEAT onDemand, we’re renowned for not doing any silly weight-training moves right there on the bike. That just leads to bad form or increases your risk of injury! No, instead of pushups on the bike, we take the weight training and yoga off the bike and onto the mat.

But, if it sounds too good to be true, you can try it for yourself; check out three of our favorite Yoga and Spin classes below:

Our Favorite Spin Yoga Classes

Spin Yoga: Fat Frying & Flow

Spin Yoga - Fat Frying & Flow
This class is an absolute triple threat: in just 45 minutes, you’ll get a fusion of Spin, Yoga, and strength training. But don’t worry, our fearless instructor Elli will lead you through a natural progression that’ll have you burning fat, rather than getting sore!

Spin, Strength & Yoga

Spin, Strength & Yoga
This Spin class will fire you up with hill sprints and intense jumps. But, don’t be intimidated – this class is followed by powerful strength training to round out your fitness, and a yoga session for a nice, grounding cooldown.

Cycle Sculpt & Yoga

Cycle Sculpt & Yoga
Looking for something short and quick? We’re not one for cutting corners, so we fit intense weight-training, Spinning, and Yoga all in this 45-minute class.

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