30 Minute Sculpt April 13, 2017

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You’ll get a chance to work every major muscle group (especially the glutes) in this epic sculpting workout, and the cool thing is that it’s low impact too (no jumping around involved).

Just grab a heavy and medium set of dumbbells, hit play, and then really concentrate on your form in this 25-minute, lean muscle mass building workout. The format is simple, but challenging, with two super-set style rounds where each body-toning exercise is done in 10 rep increments. Think solid body!

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Paired this with stock w/up class (some jump rope) for a little extra time. Another killer, must-do, Mere.W. class!

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Wow Mere – loved this total body challenge! You sequenced this so well – the 1-legged bridge work really burned! I love your lifting workouts – and thank you for the shout-out!
Mary W.

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Short and sweet…hitting so many different areas! Perfect to pair with a 30 minute spin! Thank you, Mere W.!

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Today I did a Mere Combo! I add this one to the StraightUp Spin April 14, 2016 class! I love all the music and this is a perfect one to do in a combo with SUS class or Speed Spin! I will be doing this one again for sure,going strait to favorites!

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Love this one Mere!! Great sequence of exercises that hit the whole body. I did a speed spin first and this was a perfect addition. You workouts are consistently excellent and challenging. And thanks so much for the shout out!!

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Another insane instant favorite !!! Great music love Combo moves and is short which means I can always add in some more !!! 😍

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Hey Mere that may have been short and sweet but like I always say ‘Mere W…never wastes a second..EVER..loved it.cheers. !!

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Thanks Andrew! That’s my goal, don’t waste time. Who’s got time to waste? Not me, so I’m not going to waste any of your time. Make your workout count!

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Great workout Mere. I love these short power bursts as they work in well with a short spin when you have a busy day! Thank you!

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Yes they are perfect to pair with a Speed Spin, way to not let a busy day get in the way of your workout!

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That’s the way to build stronger muscles Roxie! Even if that means you only get 8 or 9 of the 10 reps in thats fine, and remember quality over quantity.

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Paired this with Bethany’s 30 min spin & it was a perfect combo. Worked all major muscle groups with great cuing and awesome music. Yes- a little Ozzie makes a workout better!

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Great class Mere. I did it a couple hours after my pump class as an added bonus! Thank you. Straight to favorites!

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Nice long walk with my dog and then this workout. I really like these workouts with lower reps so we can lift HEAVY. Thanks Mere!

this was perfect- paired with Brian’s new 31 minute SPIN. Tomorrow will be KAT’s new 40 minute with Brian’s 30 minute SPIN. The new ones are helpful

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Super energizing workout to start my day! Paired this with a 1 mile run as a warmup. Love the glute bridge work too!

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Haha, just realized after seeing the comments I’ve already done this workout before! I still loved it the second time around!

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So glad I found this one Mere added on after the 7 trainers torture Class to end my nights workout..thanks again.!!

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Ozzy does make everything better! A most excellent work out from one of my fav instructors!!! Thanks for the sweat! 🙂

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Love this quick sculpt class. After a nice 2.5 mile walk I did this one. Love how you hit all the muscles. Great class!!

Great class. Love the sets. Paired this with a Rebecca 30 min spin. Going to be sore tomorrow.