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Studio SWEAT onDemand is so much more than a streaming fitness service — it’s
a global family of fitness fanatics, supporting each other through the highest
highs, the lowest lows, not to mention those stubborn plateaus.
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“SSoD is one amazing extended family. They are so supportive and there are so many workouts to choose from. The challenges are really motivating as are the amazing instructors. They also communicate with you and are so understanding. Best fitness choice I’ve ever made!”

—Tina Y.

“After being a cycle instructor for many years I found SSOD to simply be the best online classes and instructors…I tried everyone else and am so happy to be here….I cycle 3–5 times a week!!”

—Steve Baker

“I’ve been a member for over 6 years and it doesn’t matter what’s going on in my life, job changes, pregnancies, international house moves, pandemics, sickness and grief… the one thing that is always consistently wonderful and has stayed with me, that I’ve never regretted for a moment, is my SSoD membership! Hands down the best value, best instructors and most motivational community group you can find. Everything everyone says is true!”

—Victoria H.

“The trainers are AMAZING and the biggest reason to join in my opinion. They truly care about everyone and I feel like I’m part of a local gym or spin class where I know the people and the trainers. The challenges they do throughout the year keeps you motivated and the live classes are great. And I didn’t even mention all the members of this group who are very caring and motivating as well! So many reasons!”

—Mike Leppo

“Amazing variety of top classes. Great challenges motivating you to workout. Best price performance ratio! SSoD - Just the best you can get!”

—Enzo Riechelmann

“Great community. More classes than you could ever do. A wide variety of types of classes, length and coaches. If you do run into problems tech support or otherwise they are very responsive. There is literally no other virtual gym that compares. You feel like you belong to a local gym without leaving your home.”

Katrina K.

“This place is fantastic. It is one of only a handful of places on the internet you won’t find any negativity whatsoever. Just great people lifting up other great people. Stay for Cat, stay for the fantastic trainers, stay for the community, but most importantly, stay for yourself! You deserve it!”

Rob Hagemeyer

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