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10 Years of SWEAT – Anniversary Ride Only, 10 Years of SWEAT – Anniversary Spin Sculpt, 2 for 1 Cycle + Core, 20 Min All Out Cycle, 20 Min Spin: The Negotiation, 21 Ways to Burn Fat II, 30 Min Maximum Burn III – Tabata Time, 4 Hill Attacks, 40 Min House Party Cycle, 55 Min Cycle: Upbeat Treat (Bonus Ab Set), 60 Min Cycle Sculpt: Heavy Hills. Heavy Weights., All Terrain Cycle, Battle of the Brunettes, Bootcamp Battle: AMRAP vs EMOM!, Build it Up to Break it Down, Cadence Cycle, Climb 2, Run 1, Cruising in the 70s, Disco Fever Pedal & Pump, Energy Booster Cycle!, Girl’s Night Out Cycle, GYM HARDER: 30 Min Spin, GYM HARDER: Beastly Bells Workout, GYM HARDER: BOOTCAMP WOD 100, Hair Band Hustle Cycle 2!, HIIT + Pilates, HIIT Spin + TRX Sculpt, Hip Hop Cycle + Core, Indoor Duathlon Workout, Killer 20 Min HIIT 2!, Ladders Interval Ride, LISS Ride and Roll, Loop to Lean II – Cycle & Core, Mashup Cycle, Mastering Mountains 2, Max Burn Spin & Sculpt, Max Burn Tabata Spin Sculpt (60 Min), Max Power 20 Min Cycle, Mixed Tape Spin & Sculpt, No Repeat Spin Class (30 or 45 Min Options!), Perfect Pyramid Cycle, Pool Party Pump Up, Power Loads on Country Roads, Prime Climb 3!!, Pure Fire, Rap Ride 2, Solo Style, Rider’s Choice: 20, 40, or 60 Min Cycle, Shut Up & Dance 2, Smooth & Steady Cycle Express, Spin Core: Battle of the Boy Bands II, Stretch & Restore – Walk Taller, Team Time Trial (TTT), The Christmas Climb, The Pain Train Ride, TRX No Repeat, Unleash Your Beast Ride, Vamos a la Calle! (Go to the Streets), Virtual Reality Ride 2, Warrior Ride Cycle Sculpt, Weekend Vibes Ride, Your Journey (60 Min Spin Sculpt), 10 Minute Total Core, 1000 Calorie Burn Cycle II, 15 Min Bedtime Yoga, 15 Minute Spooky SWEATY Halloween Spin with Cat Kom, 20 Min Climb, 20 Min Cycle High Heat HIIT, 20 Min Endorphin Craze, 20 Min Fat Burn, 20 Min Spin: The Chase, 20 Minute Spin: HIIT Energy Boost, 28 Min Calorie Crusher, the Rewind!, 3 x 3 Turn & Burn | 60 Min Cycle, 3-2-1 Go! (40 Min Spin), 30 Min Latin Vibes Spin, 30 Min Maximum Burn II, 30 Min Resistance Band Burn, 30 Min Spin: Jumpin’ with Jess, 30 Min Variety Cycle, 30 Minute Body-weight Bootcamp, 30 Minute Spin Sculpt: 3 Minute Circuits, 30 Minute Spin: 30 Minute Strong Ride, 30 Minute Spin: All About the Legs & Lungs, 30 Minute Spin: Base Building Blocks, 30 Minute Spin: Break a SWEAT!, 30 Minute Spin: Bucket of SWEAT!, 30 Minute Spin: Cat Kom’s 28 minute Calorie Crusher!, 30 Minute Spin: Cat’s Crazy CHALLENGE, 30 Minute Spin: Catch Me, then Climb!, 30 Minute Spin: Epic EPOC! Look it up ~ Think After BURN!, 30 Minute Spin: Fast & Furious, 30 Minute Spin: Half Hour of Power, 30 Minute Spin: High Intensity, 30 Minute Spin: Hip Hop, 30 Minute Spin: Hit that Sprint!, 30 Minute Spin: Hot Ride, 30 Minute Spin: Jumps, 30 Minute Spin: Killing Calories with Cadence, 30 Minute Spin: MAXIMUM BURN – High Intensity Interval Training, 30 Minute Spin: Mystery Ride, 30 Minute Spin: PRIME CLIMB, 30 Minute Spin: PRIME CLIMB 2, 30 Minute Spin: Quick Burn, 30 Minute Spin: Quick Burn – Audio Only, 30 Minute Spin: Quick Calorie Crusher, 30 Minute Spin: Release the Beast!, 30 Minute Spin: Ride Hard? Recover Harder., 30 Minute Spin: Speed Spin, 30 Minute Spin: Sweating to the Beat, 30 Minute Spin: The Power’s in the Legs, 30 Minute Spin: The Red Zone Ride, 30 Minute Spin: The SWEAT Bucket Challenge, 30 Minute Strength & Stamina OR Strength & Stamina: No Excuses! Use that Body!, 30 Minute Strength & Stamina: Body Burn Blast!, 30 Minute Strength & Stamina: Break a SWEAT!!!, 30 Minute Strength & Stamina: Cat’s Tabata Tone-Up, 30 Minute Strength & Stamina: Dare to be Different!, 30 Minute Strength & Stamina: Full Body Circuit, 30 Minute Strength & Stamina: Lean Legs & Sexy Shoulders, 30 Minute Strength & Stamina8: Full Body Circuit, 30 Minute TRX: 30 Minute Solid Body Workout, 30 Minute TRX: 30 Minute Total Body Blast, 30 Minute TRX: Basics, 30 Minute TRX: SWEATin’ in Small Spaces, 30-Min Fierce HIIT, 35 Minute Magic Miles Ride, 4 Quarters Tabata Torture 2 (60 Min Spin Sculpt), 40 Min Calorie Crusher Spin Class, 40 Min Good Morning Cycle, 40 Min Spin: Terrible Two’s, Part 2!, 40 Minute Ride of Hope, 45 Min Bike & Barre, 45 Min Born in the USA Cycle, 45 Min Spin Sculpt – Focused, 45 Min Tabata Cycle Sculpt, 45 Min Tabata Spin, 50 Min Spin Sculpt: SLIM & SOLID, 60 Min Couple’s Therapy Ride, 60 Min Positivity Pedal, 60 Min Rhythm Ride + HIIT Sculpt, 60 Min Road Ride to the ’80s, 60 Min Scenic Spin, 60 Min Spin & Strength, 60 Minute SWEAT – Pedal to End Cancer, Ab & Core: Cut up that Core!, Ab & Core: Flatten & Firm, Ab & Core: HARD CORE, Ab & Core: Six Pack Attack, Ab & Core1: Flatten & Firm, Ab & Core2: Six Pack Attack, Ab Attack! 1, Ab Attack! 2, Ab Attack! 3 – HARD CORE, Ab Attack! 3 Cut up that Core!, Age is Relative: A Spin Workout for Older Adults, AJ’s Cross Training WOD, Angry Music. Happy People., Animal Inspired Exercises for Kids, Awesome 22 Minute Cardio & Core Workout!, Bad Mood Breaker w/ Fred!, Beginner Spinner®, Bike & Barre: Totally Toned!, Body Shaper, Bad Mood Breaker 2!, Bootcamp: 40 Minute Sculpting Supersets, Bootcamp: Boot Camp Blast, Bootcamp: Boot Camp Drills, Bootcamp: Circuits for Small Spaces, Bootcamp: Fit & Fun Boot Camp, Bootcamp: Hardcore Circuits, Booty Barre Workout, BOSU® Cardio & Carve, Boy Band Bike & Build, Brian + AJ = SO FUN!, Burn it with Barre!, Butt-Kicking Bootcamp, Calorie Crushing Country Cycle!, Carve it Up: Flat Abs. Strong Core., Carve it Up: Total Body Tone-Up, Cat’s 40 Min Mobility & Stretch Sesh, Christmas Spin Along, Classic Rock Ride, Climb & Carve., Clubbin’ Party Cycle, Crankin’ Cycling Intervals, Cycle 40 Circuit, Cycle Fusion: A Better 2020… 20, Cycle-Therapy, Cycle: HIIT it Here., Cycling Shoots & Ladders, Daddy or Mommy & Toddler Workout, Do-Anywhere Dynamic Warm-Up, Double Dare Spin, Double Trouble Spin & Core, Double-Down Spin + Core, Drive to 5 Ride, Dumbbell or Kettlebell HIIT Bootcamp, Easter Celebration Ride, Empowered., Energy Like Elli!! (45 Min Cycle Sculpt), Energy Rush, Express Post-Slopes Stretch, Family Fit Dance Cardio!, Family Friendly Cycle, Fat Melting Forty (Bonus Sculpt Option at the End!), Fat Torching Jump Rope Intervals, Fat Torching Jump Rope Skipping Intervals, Fat Torching Jump Rope Skipping Rope Intervals, Fat Torching Jump Roper Skipping Intervals, Fat Torching Skipping Rope Intervals, Fit & Festive Holiday Cycle, Flannel Ride 2, Focused Intervals Spin, Game Face Cycle Sculpt, Happy Hour Ride, High Heat. Low Impact. (60 Min Cycle Sculpt), High Intensity Ride, HIIT and Run, Hills & Drills 3!, Hip, Back & Hamstring Stretch, Hop, Skip & Sweat, I Just Wanna be Alone (35 Min Cycle), Joy & Pain Cycle Sculpt, Jump in the Club Cycle & Sculpt, Killer 20 Minute HIIT Spin Class, Killer Cardio + Total Body Sculpt, Killer Cardio: 30 Minute HIIT Treadmill Workout, Lean & Mean from 2019!, LISS Cardio Cycle, Loads, Loops & Ladders (60 Min Spin Core), Making it Count Cycle Sculpt, Mastering Mobility Yoga Flow (60 Min), Mastering Mountains, Mat Pilates w/ Thera-bands, Mat Pilates: Tall, Trim and Tension Free, Mat Pilates1: Tall, Trim and Tension Free, Maximum Endurance 45 Min Ride, Mike & Mir’s Amazing Spin and Stretch, Mindfulness Ride (60-Min Zone 2 Cycle), No Class, No Repeat Bell Workout, No Repeat Cycle 2 (45 Min Spin), Off the BEATen Path, Partner-Up Bootcamp Workout, Personal Training with Cat July 5, 2013, Pop Rhythm Ride, Post Spin / CYCLING STRETCHES in 5 Minutes by Studio SWEAT onDemand!, Post Workout Stretch & Restore, Power-Packed Spin Sculpt, preview test, Quick Speed & Power Cycle, REBESSICA: Partner Up Spin Sculpt!, Recovery Ride: A Gift to Yourself for Working Hard, Resist Quitting. A Full Body Resistance Band Workout!, Restorative Yin Yoga, Return to the Road, Ride Through the Decades, Run Sculpt: Body Changer!, Run to 21 Cycling Workout, Soccer Mom II – Killer Park Workout, Soul-full Cycle + Core, SpeedSculpt OR RunSculpt4: No Excuses! Use that Body!, SpeedSculpt1 : Lean Legs & Sexy Shoulders, SpeedSculpt2: Body Burn Blast!, SpeedSculpt3: Dare to be Different!, SpeedSculpt8: Fully Body Circuit, SpeedSculpt9: Break a SWEAT!!!, SpeedSpin®17: 30 Minute Strong Ride, SpeedSpin®18: Base Building Blocks, SpeedSpin®1: Fast & Furious, SpeedSpin®10: Mystery Ride, SpeedSpin®11: The Power’s in the Legs, SpeedSpin®12: Cat Kom's 28 minute Calorie Crusher!, SpeedSpin®13: The SWEAT Bucket Challenge, SpeedSpin®14: Epic EPOC! Look it up ~ Think After BURN!, SpeedSpin®15: Jumps, SpeedSpin®16: MAXIMUM BURN – High Intensity Interval Training, SpeedSpin®2: Hip Hop, SpeedSpin®3: Cat's Crazy CHALLENGE, SpeedSpin®4: Catch Me, then Climb!, SpeedSpin®5: Bucket of SWEAT!, SpeedSpin®6: Hot Ride, SpeedSpin®7: Quick Calorie Crusher, SpeedSpin®8: Hit that Sprint!, SpeedSpin®9: Break a SWEAT!, Spin & Stretch: 56 Minute Ride & Renew, Spin + Strength + Yoga (20/20/20), Spin Core: 47 Minute Cardio Blast, Spin Core: Awesome 22 Minute Cardio & Core Workout!, Spin Core: Awesome 25 Min. Spin & Core, Spin Core: Balancing Strength & Cadence, Spin Core: Burn it with Bethany!, Spin Core: Cadence & Core, Spin Core: Conquer those Climbs, Crush that Core!, Spin Core: Crank that Cardio Calories Crusher, Spin Core: DRENCHED, Spin Core: Empty that Tank!, Spin Core: Endurance, Git it!, Spin Core: Fat Fighter ~ Abs Tighter!, Spin Core: Fire – Intense Intervals, Spin Core: Hair Band Hustle, Spin Core: Hip Hop, Spin Core: Hot Ride – Fat Burner, Spin Core: Journey, Spin Core: Learn & Burn!, Spin Core: Let’s Climb, Spin Core: Mid-Section Meltdown, Spin Core: Mix it Up, Spin Core: Over the Edge!, Spin Core: Push!, Spin Core: Ready, Set, SWEAT!!!, Spin Core: Ready… Set… Ride!, Spin Core: Release the Beast!, Spin Core: Run ‘Til We’re Done, Spin Core: So AWESOME it burns!, Spin Core: Test your TOUGH!, Spin Core: The Loop to Lean Ride, Spin Core: The Real Ride, Spin Core: The Road to Awesome Abs!, Spin Core: The Simple Spin., Spin Core: The Slim Down Spin 2, Spin Core: Trim Down Tag Team, Spin Core: Turn & Burn, Spin Core: You vs. You, Spin Core26: Trim Down Tag Team, Spin for the Slopes, Spin for those with disABILITIES, Spin Pilates: Slim Down, Strengthen & Lengthen, Spin Sculpt (with TRX Option): SLIM & STRONG, Spin Sculpt: 21 Ways to Burn Fat, Spin Sculpt: Body Changer (You will be SORE!), Spin Sculpt: Body Changer (You will be SORE!) 2, Spin Sculpt: Build, Burn & Balance, Spin Sculpt: Building Endurance 101, Spin Sculpt: Burn & Build, Spin Sculpt: Burn Baby Burn!, Spin Sculpt: Carve it Up!, Spin Sculpt: Chisel & Burn, Spin Sculpt: Different, Dynamic, Difficult!, Spin Sculpt: Full Body Challenge!, Spin Sculpt: Full Intensity, Spin Sculpt: Game On!, Spin Sculpt: Hard Body HIIT Workout, Spin Sculpt: Lean Body 101 by Rebecca, Spin Sculpt: Legs Cry Mercy!, Spin Sculpt: Life in the Fast Lane, Spin Sculpt: Losing Fat with Ladders & Lunges, Spin Sculpt: Maximum Burn, Spin Sculpt: Maximum… Everything!, Spin Sculpt: No Excuses! Use that Body, Spin Sculpt: Olga…Rebecca…What the?!, Spin Sculpt: Power & Progressions, Spin Sculpt: Pregnant & Pumpin’, Spin Sculpt: REPETITION equals DEFINITION, Spin Sculpt: Slim & Solid HIIT by Cat & Brian, Spin Sculpt: SUPER Circuits!, Spin Sculpt: Teen Time, Spin Sculpt: The Fat Fighters, Spin Sculpt: THE SWEAT STRONG 300, Spin Soak & Stretch, Spin to Win, Spin, SWEAT, Stretch, Spin. SWEAT. Repeat., Spin®Core25: Fat Fighter ~ Abs Tighter!, Spin®Sculpt19: Building Endurance 101, Spin®Sculpt20 (with TRX® Option): SLIM & STRONG, Spin®Sculpt20 (with TRX® Option): SLIM & STRONG ~ Shut Up and Drive!, Spin® & Stretch1: 56 Minute Ride & Renew, Spin®Core1: DRENCHED, Spin®Core10: Learn & Burn!, Spin®Core11: Let's Climb, Spin®Core12: So AWESOME it burns!, Spin®Core13: Push!, Spin®Core14: Test your TOUGH!, Spin®Core15: Conquer those Climbs, Crush that Core!, Spin®Core16: Release the Beast!, Spin®Core17: Over the Edge!, Spin®Core18: Crank that Cardio Calories Crusher, Spin®Core19: The Real Ride, Spin®Core2: Fire – Intense Intervals, Spin®Core20: Balancing Strength & Cadence, Spin®Core21: Empty that Tank!, Spin®Core22: Ready… Set… Ride!, Spin®Core23: Turn & Burn, Spin®Core24: Mid-Section Meltdown, Spin®Core3: Endurance, Git it!, Spin®Core4: Journey, Spin®Core5: Hot Ride – Fat Burner, Spin®Core6: Cadence & Core, Spin®Core7: Mix it Up, Spin®Core8: Hip Hop, Spin®Pilates1: Slim Down, Strengthen & Lengthen, Spin®Sculpt1: Legs Cry Mercy!, Spin®Sculpt10: Chisel & Burn, Spin®Sculpt11: Carve it Up!, Spin®Sculpt12: Game On!, Spin®Sculpt13: Burn & Build, Spin®Sculpt14: Body Changer (You will be SORE!), Spin®Sculpt15: Power & Progressions, Spin®Sculpt16: 21 Ways to Burn Fat, Spin®Sculpt17: Teen Time, Spin®Sculpt18: REPETITION equals DEFINITION, Spin®Sculpt2: Burn Baby Burn!, Spin®Sculpt3: Different, Dynamic, Difficult!, Spin®Sculpt4: No Excuses! Use that Body, Spin®Sculpt6: Full Intensity, Spin®Sculpt7: Full Body Challenge!, Spin®Sculpt8: Build, Burn & Balance, Spin®Sculpt9: SUPER Circuits!, SpinCore9: You vs. You, Stand & Deliver II, Start Strong, Finish Stronger!, StraightUp Spin: 11 Ways to Turn & Burn – 2017 Anniversary Ride, StraightUp Spin: 50 Minute Open Road Burn, StraightUp Spin: Adrenaline, StraightUp Spin: All about the Legs & Lungs, StraightUp Spin: Body Changer. Bad Mood Breaker., StraightUp Spin: Body Shaper. Bad Mood Breaker., StraightUp Spin: Break Away, StraightUp Spin: Breaking Through, StraightUp Spin: Calorie Crusher!, StraightUp Spin: Cardio Circuit Cycling, StraightUp Spin: Challenge Yourself… Change Yourself, StraightUp Spin: FAT DESTROYING FUN, StraightUp Spin: Free at Last!, StraightUp Spin: Fun. Fierce., StraightUp Spin: Get Fit with HIIT, StraightUp Spin: Go, go, go!, StraightUp Spin: HIITin it Hard!, StraightUp Spin: Hills & Drills 2!, StraightUp Spin: Hills & Drills!, StraightUp Spin: I Brake For Nothing, StraightUp Spin: IronMan Intervals, StraightUp Spin: LEAN MACHINE, StraightUp Spin: Master Mike with Maximizing Gear, StraightUp Spin: Mike & Mir’s Amazing Spin and Stretch, StraightUp Spin: Party Ride with Beautiful Brooke!, StraightUp Spin: Ride to Slim Town, StraightUp Spin: Ridin’ with Rebecca!, StraightUp Spin: Road to Addiction, StraightUp Spin: Slim Down Sprints, StraightUp Spin: Speed Demon Soaking, StraightUp Spin: Spicy Spin, StraightUp Spin: Spin of the AGES!, StraightUp Spin: THE 45 MINUTE CALORIE CRUSHER, StraightUp Spin: The Action Packed Adventure Ride, StraightUp Spin: The DETOX ~ Sweat Out of Every Pore., StraightUp Spin: The Essence of Endurance, StraightUp Spin: The RECORD CALORIE “TORTURE” (7 Trainers! OUCH.), StraightUp Spin: The ROAD FIT Rider, StraightUp Spin: The Slim Down Spin® with Cat Kom, StraightUp Spin: The Smooth Ascent, StraightUp Spin: The SPRINT ~ 60 Minute Fat Fryer!, StraightUp Spin: The Unknown Road, StraightUp Spin: Thrills & Hills, StraightUp Spin: World’s Best Spinning Class, StraightUp Spin: Your Internal Rhythm, StraightUpSPIN®19: LEAN MACHINE, StraightUpSPIN®20: World’s Best Spinning Class, StraightUpSPIN® Road Fit 1: Breaking Through, StraightUpSPIN®1: Go, go, go!, StraightUpSPIN®10: Break Away, StraightUpSPIN®11: The ROAD FIT Rider, StraightUpSPIN®12: The DETOX ~ Sweat Out of Every Pore., StraightUpSPIN®13: The SPRINT ~ 60 Minute Fat Fryer!, StraightUpSPIN®14: The Slim Down Spin® with Cat Kom, StraightUpSPIN®15: 50 Minute Open Road Burn, StraightUpSPIN®16: Road to Addiction, StraightUpSPIN®17: The RECORD CALORIE “TORTURE” (7 Trainers! OUCH.), StraightUpSPIN®18: Cardio Circuit Cycling, StraightUpSPIN®2: Calorie Crusher!, StraightUpSPIN®2: Challenge Yourself… Change Yourself, StraightUpSPIN®3: HIITin it Hard!, StraightUpSPIN®4: All about the Legs & Lungs, StraightUpSPIN®5: IronMan Intervals, StraightUpSPIN®6 : Master Mike with Maximizing Gear, StraightUpSPIN®7: Adrenaline, StraightUpSPIN®8: Hills & Drills!, StraightUpSPIN®9: Party Ride with Beautiful Brooke!, Strength & Stamina: Bikini Body Blast (No Equipment Needed!), Strength & Stamina: Fit & Fun Boot Camp, Strength & Stamina: FUNdamentals on Fire!, Strength & Stamina: Interval Fat Burn & Body Sculpt, Strength & Stamina: Killer Travel Workout!, Strength & Stamina: Laugh it up, Lean it up!, Strength & Stamina: Personal Training with Cat, Strength & Stamina: Power!, Strength & Stamina: Sexy Body 101 – The Workout Hangover, Strength & Stamina: Strength Plyometric Explosion, Strength & Stamina: The Soccer Mom Workout, Strength & Stamina: You can do ANYTHING… for 30 Seconds!, SWEAT Tsunami Cycle, Tabata Torch & Tone, Tank Top Toner 2!, The Challenge to Change Ride, The Fun & Run Ride!, The Long Ride – 3 Hour Pedal to End Cancer, The Long Ride – A 90 Minute Cycle (60 min option), The Motown Ride, The Pride Ride, The Rap Ride, The Vibe Ride – Hip Hop vs. Latino, The Zone Ride, The Zone Run, Thrills & Hills (45 Min Spin Core), Throwback Tracks Cycle, Time to CLIMB, Training1: FUNdamentals on Fire!, Training10: Interval Fat Burn & Body Sculpt, Training11: Bikini Body Blast (No Equipment Needed!), Training12: Fit & Fun Boot Camp, Training13: The Soccer Mom Workout, Training2: Power!, Training3: Strength Plyometric Explosion, Training4: Laugh it up, Lean it up!, Training5 : Sexy Body 101 – The Workout Hangover, Training6: Boot Camp Blast, Training7: Boot Camp Drills, Training8: You can do ANYTHING… for 30 Seconds!, Training9: Killer Travel Workout!, Tread Sculpt by Andrew (Spin option), TReXpress® – Basics, TReXpress®1: 30 Minute Solid Body Workout, TReXpress®2: 30 Minute Total Body Blast, TReXpress®3: SWEATin’ in Small Spaces, TRX Cardio: Solid & Soaked in Small Spaces, TRX Cardio: Tabata Time!, TRX Effects, TRX Progressive Circuits, TRX Sculpt: Core Power!, TRX Spin: Get it Started!, TRX Total-Body Circuits, TRX®Cardio1: Tabata Time!, TRX®Sculpt1: Core Power!, TRX®Spin®1: Get it Started!, Urban Bootcamp, Virtual Intro to Yoga, Work It w/ Olga, Yoga Sculpt & Stretch, Yoga: 30 Minute Athletic Recovery, Yoga: 30 Minute Deep Stretch, Yoga: 40 Min. Positive Power, Yoga: Standing Posture Flows, Youth P.E. Class