Why the Workout Warm-up Feels So Hard!

Here’s the simple science behind it.

Not a single person goes into a workout and claims that the first ten minutes is their absolute favorite. Getting off the couch, changing into gym gear, and hauling yourself to the gym is already enough effort, so why is the starting portion of a fitness class so dang difficult?! Studio SWEAT onDemand’s owner, Cat Kom, and Registered Dietitian, Miriam, will be the first ones to tell you how mentally straining the first ten minutes can be, but they are also here to explain the scientific reasons behind the psychological burden and why warming up is so vital.

Whatever you’re feeling is valid, especially since there’s both a psychological and physiological response. During the warm-up phase of a workout, the body doesn’t take in enough oxygen to properly work muscles and move the body. So instead of relying on oxygen, the body depends on ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) to have enough energy. With more time and movement, eventually, your body will catch up to the oxygen demand and switch from an anaerobic state to an aerobic state.

Another factor could be how we generate energy during a workout, and tapping into a different fuel takes adjustment. Glycogen is the primary fuel muscles use during a workout. In order to properly prepare your glycogen levels for a workout, make sure your dietary plan includes plenty of carbohydrates, such as grains and fruits. This will give you enough fuel to get into the rhythm of your workout.

One way of transitioning smoothly is to begin at a slow pace, and progressively build intensity over the course of the warm-up. Give your body some time to adapt by working large muscle groups. Everyone is different, so make sure to go at a pace that feels right and comfortable to you.

Sadly, there are no shortcuts in terms of evading the warm-up, but the more you workout and train your body, the easier it will be! Now that you’ve learned the reasons behind warm-up fatigue, watch this video to discover the importance of stretching and the best dynamic warm-up routines. For other trainer tip videos, click HERE!

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