Spinning / Indoor Cycling Best Screen Positioning for TV or Tablet Display

How high and far away should my screen be?

How’s your indoor cycling space looking? Is your neck sore? Are your eyes buggin’? I mean how are you supposed to know the best TV or tablet positioning to maintain good posture while Spinning? I know I didn’t before I tackled this topic. So, here’s the skinny…

Whether you’re pedaling it up in a basement, your bedroom, or a garage, proper set up between your bike and TV (or whatever screen you’re watching your virtual cycling classes on) is really important actually. That’s why Studio SWEAT onDemand founder, Cat Kom, and sweet sidekick Bethany are here to demonstrate how far your TV screen should be from your bike, how high your screen should be mounted on the wall for optimal viewing, the best size screen to use if you’re mounting it to your bike’s handlebars, and more!

First and foremost, you always want to keep your neck in a neutral position, so however you set your screen up, ya gotta remember that, otherwise pain in the neck is gonna become really literal in your world. To test that, try replicating the same posture you’d use on an outdoor bike – keep your head slightly lifted, your neck in a neutral position (not lifted, not dropped), your chest up and shoulders slightly rolled forward, and shoulder blades down and back. When looking up at your display, whether it be a TV, tablet, or laptop, make sure you’re using your eyes instead of straining to lift or drop your neck.

Here are a few rules to live by:

  1. 1.5x screen width. In order to find the perfect distance between your bike and TV (or other screen), first measure the width of the screen and then multiply the size by 1.5. That product is how far you should station the center of your bike (where your head will sit) from your screen – the best seat in the house! If you prefer additional distance, don’t hesitate to move further back, but try to cap it to a max of 6x the width or less!The same distance applies to your electronic display that’s attached to your bike. In reality, however, it’s hard to perfect that distance, so maybe consider a different placement for your visual device.
  2. Centered eye level. Now let’s talk about height! Center your TV at eye level and then raise it vertically just 10-15 degrees higher. Since exercising on the bike entails sitting and standing, you might want to consider adding an inch or 2 so that you’re comfortable riding and looking at the screen in both the seated and standing positions. Standing can bring you up between 2 and 8 inches! And, if you have riders at home that are different heights, compromise!
Make sure to measure, calculate, and adjust your own equipment to your build and space, because not all of us are as tiny as Bethany! With these standard indoor cycling setup tips, you’ll be much more likely to keep sharp eyes and pretty posture!

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