Recovering from High Heart Rates in Spinning Class

Catch Stars Much? Learning How to Bring it Down Quickly & Safely.

When you’re on a Spin bike during a Studio SWEAT class, your heart rate is bound to go up! Although SSoD owner, Cat Kom, and fellow trainer, Brian, encourage an elevated heart rate for body changing benefits like strengthening the heart, improving the cardiovascular system, and torching calories, they also understand that some exercisers are left gasping for air, seeing stars, and struggling to get their heart rate back down during or after a killer indoor cycling session.

In this 3 minute video, Cat and popular Studio SWEAT trainer, Brian LaRose, discuss some techniques you can use to lower your heart rate on or off the bike to improve your overall workout experience and health.

  1. Slow down, especially if you feel light-headed. Ignore the fast beat playing in the background and concentrate on your own body’s pace instead. Rather than moving those legs as fast as you can, moderate and focus on a smooth average cadence in order to maintain a lower heart rate.
  2. Concentrate on breathing. Your heart rate is at its lowest point at the tail end of an exhale so, lower your breathing speed and exhale completely in order to reduce your heart rate. This is the fastest way to bring your heart rate down, and by taking a sufficient amount of oxygen in, you’ll bounce back quickly!
  3. It’s okay to take a break! If you start to feel lightheaded or weak, it’s okay to take a break. Steadily get off the bike, find your balance, and sit on the floor with your back against the wall. Resting while focusing on breathing will likely help drop your heart rate, and be sure to take as much time as you need. If you’re feeling better after a few minutes, you might gently ease back into the workout, but if the dizziness doesn’t subside, call it a day and focus on drinking water and relaxing instead.
A great way to prevent a hyper-increased heart rate during a workout is to determine your target zone before you get on the bike. Many stationary bikes are equipped with a heart-rate sensor, and if you’re looking for tailored solutions, consult your doctor or contact one of your trainers.

By following the tips in this video, you’ll hopefully be able to recover faster when your heart rate gets sky high. Just breathe, I heard it’s good for ya.

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